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Uriage: products for the whole family Products

Uriage: products for the whole family

The Uriage Thermal Spring Water has been running in the Alps for 75 years. Season after season, minerals and trace elements charge it.

It springs in the village of Uriage-les-Bains, a few kilometers from Grenoble to give a regenerative thermal spring . The Uriage Thermal Water has unique properties. Exceptionally rich, the Uriage Thermal Water strengthens the barrier of your skin. 100% physiological, it ensures innocuity and naturalness. The Uriage dermatological Laboratory encapsulates all its benefits in each of its products. The Uriage cares are pure, protective and powerful . Your skin is rejuvenated.


Uriage is a thermal establishment recognised and specialised in all types of skin conditions. The spa treats psoriasis, eczema, pruritus or atopy. Body and face skin is revitalised. Children and adults are served with products that match their skin type.

Uriage: products for the whole family

Baby cares, sun cares, cold creams, intimate hygiene, combination or sensitive skins: Uriage offers many ranges. It thus becomes the ally of the whole family. Uriage meets the needs of everyone, Mom, dad and baby. Uriage is a brand that respects each type of skin. Everyone can find a suitable care and cream. Dry skin, sensitive skin, combination, irritated or normal skins. Feor example, the brand offers anti-ageing, anti-brown spots, exfoliating cares for the complexion of women as well as soothing balms or even cleansers and makeup removers. For both men and women, there are body creams, gels, oils, water, shampoos, balms or lotions. For babies and children, Uriage has innovated in a specific range. The parents can choose the baby cleansers, the moisturisers, specific cares and anti-irritation treatments. Thanks to these targeted products, the skin of babies which is quite different from this of adults can be treated with dedicated products and treats.

Uriage has developed more than 10 innovative ranges to meet all the needs of the skin: wrinkles, dryness, redness, imperfections, itching, blemishes, irritations, etc. The brand also offers a range of sun products,suitable for the whole family. Adults may opt for protection, after-sun care or self-tanning treatments. In order to meet the expectations and preferences of their consumers, Uriage has innovated in the form of mists, oils, sticks, creams or fluids. Children can play quietly on the sand thanks to mineral creams, protective lotions or sprays, all with SPF50 + protection.

The spa of Uriage-les-bains

The Uriage thermal spring water is known for its benefits and its minerals. The resort was born in the Alps. This water has been enriched over time in minerals and trace elements. It is a unique mineral composition! It soothes and hydrates the skin while strengthening its barrier . The thermal water of Uriage holds 11g / L of minerals which makes it isotonic. It acts as a physiological serum without modifying the size or the volume of the cells: a real osmosis with the skin . This protective force is found in all ranges of the Uriage brand.

The spa offers cares based on this specific water. Visitors can choose between treatments, mini cures, therapeutic educations or post-cancer cares and get access to the thermal pool. Various face or body treatments  are available. The spa  is located 15 minutes from Grenoble, in a mountainous, green and relaxing side.

A brand with a defined pledge

Uriage is also a brand with defined commitments. The professionals bring their expertise in tolerance with hypoallergenic, non comedogenic cares and with very few preservatives. Dermatologists and pharmacists work on efficiency and take clinical tests. Uriage is totally transparent about its ingredients and has a cosmetovigilance watchdog. As for e environment and safety, it respects the current standards in force. The qualitative products are manufactured at Uriage or Puig factories. The use of pleasant fragrances and textures is a plus.

To welcome its costumers throughout the year, Uriage has opened a hotel with spa and thermal baths. Located in Isère, in Uriage-les-bains, the thermal baths offer treatments in dermatology, rheumatology and ENT. A thermal spa of 600m ² dedicated to the followers of the products of the brand and the Uriage thermal spring water. A 4-star hotel that promises relaxation and well-being.

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