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Sun Protection

Hey ! It’s spring ! You still have time but summer should be here soon and you’ve got to get ready! But if you’re looking to get your skincare routine back in shape for summer, you’ll need more tools in your arsenal than just sunshine and seawater.

On Easypara.uk, discover your summer essentials among a wide variety of sun ranges.
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We all crave a golden complexion and a quickly tanned skin! Many a thing have we tried for that: carrots, melons, carotene-rich foods, self-tan sprays or UV- cabins. But what about tanning food supplements? Whether capsules, ampoules or tablets, they all boost your tan, and not just that. Special supplements have a preventive anti-aging action on your skin, creating a protective barrier to stop free radicals. In addition to their anti-aging and protective effect, these capsules prepare your skin for sunbathing.  It is therefore important to take these treatments as a program. If you are going on a sunny holiday, take them 15 days before your departure date. If not, start with the first hot days and sun exposure.

Taken with the very first hot sun rays, food supplements not only protect your skin & prolong your tan, but also provide an instant healthy glow. They act on your skin in the same way hair and nail supplements do, giving strength! Your dream tanned complexion thus becomes more attainable, even for a fair skin. Their formula, traditionally based on Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene, provides an additional comfort to your skin during a sun exposure. In addition to preventing premature aging, it also acts as an essential antioxidant. Regulating a melanin production, prevents pigmentation spots. Tanning supplements, however, are still inseparable from sunscreens or other sun protection products! We recommend you to use an SPF 50 filter. Don't forget, looking after your skin is vital.




A tanning capsule is a real ally for those opting for a matte skin with no sunburns during the summer period. They are  typically enriched with essential active ingredients such as beta-carotene, lycopene, turmeric or carotene. These healthy glow supplements are to be taken prior to your sun exposure for a gentle tanning. And don't foget about a traditional sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, aging and free radicals. For a golden complexion, combine your tanning capsule with a moisturizing sunscreen, enriched with an appropriate SPF filter  for each skin type.  Whether light or dark-skinned, your epidermis needs to be protected from sunburns, while a tanning supplement provides a healthy glow and a gorgeous tan as a bonus.

A self-tanning capsule is thus perfect to prepare your skin for the summer, have tanned legs and a gorgeous complexion. Anti-oxidant capsules, preparing your skin for the sun exposure , healthy glow effect ampoules, anti-aging tablets, promoting cellular protection or fighting against oxidative stress -  treatments are multiple for all ages and all skin types. Before setting out for your sunbathing ritual and basking in the sunshine, opt for these tanning products, preparing your skin for the sun and fighting against premature aging.




A dietary supplement is a great ally for your skin beauty and efficient preparation for a sun exposure. Before plunging in your sunbathing routine, take some essential steps to leave harmful effects aside. Even if a tanning supplement has a certain protective effect, it does not make your skin immune to sunburns.  Sun rays can indeed be very hurtful. When preparing your day on the beach, think about after-sun products. Hydrating creams, moisturizers, aloe vera and other soothing lotions are essential after a long sun exposure, regenerating your cutaneous defense for a lasting radiance. Take these simple beauty steps for a long-term natural tan: use a scrub to remove dead cells twice a week, take a tanning dietary supplement cure, use a sun protection adapted to your skin type and a soothing after-sun product.

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