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Pranarom - scientific aromatherapy

Pranarôm is the world leader in scientifical aromatherapy and was created in 1991 by a pharmacist specialised in aromas.

Pranarom has a double meaning : Prana  " breath of life " and  Arom " aroma ".

The Pranarôm products are based on essential oils and improve our daily life and wellness with efficiency and more serenity. Ecocert materials are favoured.

In 2014, HerbalGem, a Belgian laboratoy specialised in gemmotherapy joined the venture.

The scientific aromatherapy uses the plant extracts in the form of essential oils that are used for medical or preventive purposes. 

Come upon a wide choice of essential oils and Pranarôm products based on lavender, honey, calendula or ginger that will help you regain your wellness.

Pranarom - scientific aromatherapy

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Pranarôm, the world leader in aromatherapy

From the early years, the brand has essentially marketed chemotyped essential oils that are 100% pure and natural. Over the years, the brand has distributed its products in more than 100 outlets thanks to the growing reputation of aromatherapy in the world. 

Nowadays, Pranarôm is the world leader in scientific and medical aromatherapy. The brand's success is also due to the innovative products it offers. The Pranarom essential oils are practical and effective. They contribute to the well-being and health of individuals thanks to the benefits of the aromatic plants they contain. They can be used for disease prevention or simply for faster healing. They can relieve many everyday ailments such as anxiety, stress, headaches, joint problems or insomnia.

The Pranarôm charter

In order to guarantee the best quality, the brand has adopted a charter that accompanies the products throughout the manufacturing process. The brand carries out physical and chemical checks according to the principles of the Pranarôm charter. The laboratory gives priority to biological and wild raw materials . After acceptance of the raw materials, the aromatic plants are subject to a double analysis, internal and external, taking into account the European Pharmacopoeia and the AFNOR standards. All the ingredients used for making the products are GMO-free. The laboratory uses a data sheet for each batch of essential oil and each finished product to ensure the customers the best traceability. The production is done according to the HACCP standards procedure which ensures the traceability and the self - checking of finished products . Pranarôm products also benefit from the HECT label which guarantees the effectiveness and quality of essential oils .

A brand at the heart of sustainable development

The brand pays particular attention to the quality of its products. It controls the quality of the essential oils of the plants that it uses until bottling. In this purpose, Pranarôm works in close collaboration with the producers and distillers of aromatic plants from all over the world. The objective is to develop with producers a culture and distillation respectful of the environment in order to obtain organic essential oils and quality. For many years, most Pranarôm products have been certified organic by the Certisys Belgium inspection and certification body. Thanks to its commitment to sustainable development, the brand has created more than 100 stable jobs in Madagascar since 2009, following a vast local development project. Many plants are cultivated using traditional methods of creation. 

The smell therapy, the essential healing method

Essential oils can be used in many ways. They influence the mood and feelings of an individual. 

The smell therapy is a psycho-energetic method that allows the individual to free himself from an emotional blockage through the diffusion of essential oils. In this case, the essential oils can act on the emotional state via an aromatic diffuser . 

Add 4 to 6 drops of the essential oils of your choice to appreciate the virtues. You can also pour a few drops of essential oils on a handkerchief then hold it close to the nose to enjoy all the aromas.

In the form of capsules, lozenges, tablets or balm, the world leader in aromatherapy helps you in everyday ailments: to cure a cold, a dry cough, a sore throat, or simply to strengthen your natural defenses.

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