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Travel-size hygiene and treatments

To make the most of your precious holiday time, don’t forget the essentials: travel sized hygiene products, first aid kits, insect repellents and cares for the little scratches. Accessories such as ear plugs, blindfolds etc…are also available to ensure you maximum comfort.

If you plan to board a plane, don’t forget there are some restrictions for cabin luggage. Sharp objects are prohibited and the bottles can’t contain more than 100 ml. Discover here a wide selection of standard authorised products: soothing creams, insect repellents, wipes, disposable baby pots. So sit back and enjoy these dedicated items!

3, 2, 1 countdown before the departure. Clothes? Check! Shoes? Check! Packed the kids? Check! Don’t forget the indispensable travel kit for the whole family: sunscreens, insect repellents as well as dressings and soothing balms. Discover our selection and quickly fill your cart while there’s still time! Hold or cabin luggage, Easyparapharmacie has anything you need right and we are fan of travel formats because they provide you with convenience. Anyway, always check the air company terms and conditions.

Travel light, travel format!

Must number 1: a mosquito repellent. Either in bracelets, roll-ons with essential oils, soothing creams or sprays, don’t let the insects ruin your holidays! Easyparapharmacie proposes a large selection of travel sized mosquito repellents. Let us guide you!


Must number 2: a travel sized first aid kit. Discover our selection of ready- to- boxes with plasters, soothing balms, creams for bruises,
venom extractors etc… No more stress! And farewell to the little scratches! Besides, these travel formats slide down easily into the bag! Your journey could end in a general catastrophe! Don’t go out of pocket at the drugstore round the corner. Easypara has toothpastes, dry shampoos, shower gels, sun sticks for the whole family. The travel formats guarantee you a quiet and relaxing holiday!


3 Forget me not travel accessory: It can be a pillbox, an anti-nausea bracelet, a plastic bottle, earplugs or even a disposable baby pot. On a walk, a stroll, at the hotel or on board, these accessories are very practical and you can find them all on the Easyparapharmacie dedicated page. 

Yet to be convinced?

What do I pack ? What do I need ? What will be the weather like ? What is the authorised weight of a cabin luggage ? Are there prohibited products or formats ? Easyparapharmacie has thought of these issues and selected products to give you a hand! As for airplane flights, there are very strict standards and instructions. The aerosols, the beverage containers, cosmetics and toothpastes shall be put in plastic bags and with a no more 100 ml capacity. This is not the case for medicine and baby food.

Checking the capacity is the best way to avoid troubles and inconveniences at the check point. Easyparapharmacie makes it easier for you. Our experts have made the best selection of travel sized items according to the European luggage legislation.

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