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Arkopharma: "Nature for your health"

Arkopharma is the European leader in herbal medicines and dietary supplements. Arkopharma meansThe Natural Health! The company was founded in 1980 in Carros (near Nice, 06) by Dr. Max Romb and is committed to using the best of nature: for 35 years, more than 600 years species of plants have been harvested in more than 40 countries around the world. The best season, the best soil or the best exposure. The most active parts of the plants are harvested with the greatest precision. The laboratories thus offer a very wide variety of herbal medicines and homeopathic solutions.


As a nature enthusiast, the brand offers natural products based on the different benefits of plants . The scientists use the intelligence of nature to relieve daily ailments. Arkopharma is a committed brand that pays attention to social, societal, environmental and economic issues. An accountability approach that takes shape at the Arkopharma Institute of Natural Disciplines and found in all products of the brand. The brand is based on herbal medicine, recognised science, to relieve everyday ailments .


Arkopharma: "Nature for your health"

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Arkopharma: "Nature for your health"


Dietary supplements, throat lozenges, microbiotics, magnesium, balms, essential oils ... Arkopharma offers solutions to sleep better, breathe better, combat nervousness and fatigue or regulate intestinal transit . There are a hundred products based on plant intelligence . Nature is a source of inspiration for Arkopharma and is at the heart of its development model. The laboratory researchers are working with plant intelligence. To relieve daily ailments, the brand combines science, creativity and security. To create its products, Arkopharma goes from physiology to plant neurobiology. The scientists address the sensoriality of plants, their memory or plant communication. They have discovered adaptogenic plants, vitamins and their physiological role.


Arkopharma is a laboratory committed to the environment . The brand constantly accentuates the consideration of societal, environmental or even economic issues. All of Arkopharma's employees, suppliers and shareholders meet around this global approach to social responsibility. Ecology is part of Arkopharma's DNA. The brand deals with  a new vegetable revolution focused on innovation at the Arkopharma Institute of Natural Disciplines.


A laboratory in search of innovation


In addition to the ecological dimension, the brand focuses its development in a spirit of constant innovation which is part of its identity. The goal of the group is to work every day to make natural medicine the medicine of tomorrow. It also wants to provide effective, healthy and innovative health solutions. This is the founding spirit of the brand. More than 30 years ago, Max Rombi founded the company thanks to phytotherapy in capsules. Since then, the brand's research and development division has been pursuing new scientific advances in plant potential. The laboratory is constantly seeking to use the richness of nature in its products, while respecting it. Each product reveals the power of the synergy of actions of vegetable substances .

* Phytotherapy is herbal medicine. The medicinal plants help to cure  the ailments of everyday life in a natural way.


Arkopharma has made the choice of a strong research to innovate quickly and efficiently in the field of health. The brand is based on transversal expertises (plant research, control of biological assets or galenic research). Arkopharma also works on the consumer expectations: this is the key to their success. A dedicated team questions thousands of consumers in Europe, to develop new ideas and propose new concepts.


A story in the heart of nature


Founded in Carros, in the Alpes-Maritimes (06), in 1980, the Arkopharma brand has been  emerging as one of the European leaders in the field of phytotherapy . As a pioneering company, it trecords its story through products derived from plant intelligence. It was born of Dr. Rombi's pioneering ideas that most health problems could be relieved by plants. The brand was the first to propose the sale of plants in capsules. Located in the PACA region, it is run by people committed to the environment. An expertise at the service of nature emerges: extraction of the best plants, proximity to producers and preservation of 100% of the plant's assets. In this purpose, Arkopharma relies on an innovative laboratory which aims at thinking the products of the future. The brand offers to its customers products made in France with Arkopharma certifications : quality at the heart of all processes.


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