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Bioderma : A company present since 1977

Bioderma is specialised in the skin health and well-being. For many years, the brand has worked in close collaboration with the best French dermatologists with the aim of designing the best dermo-cosmetic products . Bioderma is a brand which focuses on innovation and development in the health industry sector. The brand offers 11 ranges of products that address specific skin problems. Bioderma products treat the origin of the problem in depth and prevent its recurrence.


The brand is at the origin of many innovations such as the first non-detergent shampoo or the first cleansing water for the face. The brand is also well known for its micellar water, the H2O crealine which sells at a rate of one bottle every 3 seconds in the world. It is perfect for sensitive skin. The H20 créaline cleans the skin gently. It can also be used for make-up removal.

Products Bioderma

A company present since 1977



"Understanding the biology of the skin" is essential to its well-being. Bioderma was launched in the 70's with the desire to innovate and take part in dermatological advances.The first products from the dermo-cosmetic were developed  under the supervision of Jean-Noël Thorel and Bioderma developed its research and innovation on biology in the service of dermatology . In 1977, the laboratory became famous in the world of the parapharmacy thanks to its Nodé G shampoo. Its unique formula cleans the hair gently without attacking them and preserves the lipid film of the hair fiber. Over the years, the laboratory has maintained its success by developing, with the help of dermatologists a range of products adapted to the different types of skin: acne, dry and very dry, combination and oily, sensitive skins  Since 1992, Bioderma has been independent. A justified desire to preserve the freedom of action and strategy of the company. The ultimate goal is to advance dermatology and improve the lives of customers .


An expert in skin biology


Bioderma research is based on a precise understanding of the skin.The goal is to decypher it and understand its imbalances in order to better deal with the problems it encounters. Skin ageing, external aggressions, pollution, diseases: the factors responsible for the imbalance of the skin are numerous. Bioderma products reactivate the natural resources of the skin and help restore balance and a healthy lifestyle. Their components are carefully selected to guarantee a better tolerance (products). They contain pure active ingredients and molecules naturally present in the skin. In order to guarantee maximum safety and well-being, Bioderma products are designed according to a precise and rigorous formulation charter guaranteeing traceability and absolute control of all stages of production, from the selection of raw materials to their manufacture. That's why they all benefit from patented natural complex DAF . 


Discover the hydrabio range, ideal for the care of sensitive and dehydrated skins. It stimulates the cellular capacities of the skin and reactivates its natural hydration process. For very dry and irritated skins, opt for the Atoderm range.It restores in a sustainable way the hydrolipidic film of the skin in lack of hydration and attenuates the irritations. And it's also because the scalp is as sensitive as the rest of the body that the brand offers the Nodé range specially designed for the problems of dandruff and intense itching.


A committed laboratory


The laboratory is present in more than 90 countries with sales outlets, brand-related research centers and private and academic partnerships. In 2009, Bioderma decided to undertake its first solidarity mission in Vietnam. After this first experiment, interventions continued throughout the country and in Cambodia. The main objective of the interventions is to provide medical assistance and follow-up to local populations often without medical care. It is also a way to bring to the people other necessary elements like computers and other equipments. In this purpose, the laboratory works in close collaboration with French doctors, dermatologists and pharmacists and several humanitarian associations. This project is also a way for the laboratory to express the values to which it is attached which are: solidarity, sharing and generosity . At the international level, since 2011, the Bioderma Foundation has been supporting the development of dermatology worldwide. All through a research and dissemination of data shared with many specialists around the world.


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