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Eye creams and treatments

When you think about your appearance, one of the leading concerns and focus should be your skincare. Finding a routine that is ideal is not easy. On Easyparapharmacie, you can access to our beauty expert advice and tips and share your experience with the other fellow consumers.

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Among the cosmetics you use daily, treatments for the eye contours are some of the ones that are indispensable as part of your daily routine.

An attractive gaze is one of the keys to natural and real beauty.


Did you know the eye contour was the part of your face you use most? And that the skin around them was 3 to 5 times thinner than on the rest of your face? This area only has a few sebaceous glands and lacks natural hydration. This is why it is very sensitive and needs more delicacy.

On Easyparapharmacie secure payment platform and online site, you can order moisturisers. Yet, face creams are too aggressive and heavy to keep the eye contours healthy. Using a specific skincare product that is fully dedicated to the eye area is crucial to hydrate and decongest.




Our gaze doesn’t just involve vision but also expression. With our gaze, we show our inner self. Our most authentic beauty is shown through it. That is why taking care of our eyes is one of the most important parts of self-care, because with them, we reflect our true beauty.

There is a large variety of products and treatments with different components: argan, collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter etc…

The eye contours skin is very sensitive due to its delicacy and thinness. That is why iit is the first area where we notice the appearance of signs of tiredness and dehydration as well as dark circles, wrinkles and puffy bags.

lipcare routine is essential as well.

Clear away any lip stick when removing your make up, exfoliate with a gentle scrub and apply lip balm at least twice a day.

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Sun exposure is the number one cause of premature ageing and exposure to harmful UVA UVB can cause premature wrinkle formation and thinning of the skin. That’s why you should protect your eye area like you do your face, with SFP every day. Over time, you’ll see fewer wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.

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A deep makeup removal and face cleansing will keep fine lines from appearing sooner than they must.

Pollution can be avoided, that's why you need a good cleanser to take it all off. You can also put a few drops of physiological serum in your eyes from once in a while to clean your eyes

If the makeup doesn’t remove easily, do not rub your eyes. Soak 2 cotton pads in makeup removal and put them on your eyes for a few minutes.

Half removed makeup can fasten the skin ageing and clogging. Under the eyes, it’s even worse! If makeup remains, your lashes will end falling and fine lines appear.

Misting some thermal spring water has a decongestant and refreshing effect.

A fully dedicated eye care will instantly plumps and soothes the sensitive skin.

Apply it by patting under the eye and do it night and day as the skin regenerates better when you sleep.

Put the eye cream in the fridge so it decongests puffy eyes even better!


As with the face, regular moisturising is key to minimize lines and wrinkles so make sure you’re not leaving your delicate eye area out when applying the moisturiser to your face. . Try a targeted approach with eye creams with peptides as they aid in collagen production and hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin A and C stimulate collagen as well and have an antioxidant and brightening effect.

Beta carotene will heal puffiness.

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Toning the area around the eyes alleviates bags and circles.

The eyes are more luminous.

In brief, adjust your skincare routine to the eye contour as it is a very sensitive area of your face. Massage, change your habits and pick an efficient eye cream and you’ll see how life changing it can be.

You’ll look younger and healthier!

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