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Cerave: your dermo-cosmetic care

Cerave is an American brand launched in 2005. In 2006, it launched three products on the market: the moisturising balm, the moisturising cream and the Cerave moisturising cleansing cream.

Cerave products have been specially designed to better treat skin problems related to dry skin .

In this purpose, Cerave offers a range of ingredients-rich skincare products, mainly composed of essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and fatty acids to help strengthen the barrier function of the skin and repair it.

The different treatments release moisturising ingredients over a period of 24 hours , layer by layer, to help keep the skin soft all day long.

Enriched with essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid , CERAVE treatments moisturise continuously and strengthen the cutaneous barrier.  

Products Cerave

What is MVE technology?


MVE technology, also known as " Multivesicular Emulsion " is at the heart of the Cerave brand philosophy. This technology designed by the dermatologists of the brand guarantees a continuous and lasting hydration throughout the day thanks to a revolutionary asset release system called "MVE technology". This technology includes ceramides , fatty acids and other lipids that provide unmatched quality to products.


Highlight on ceramides


Ceramides are lipids naturally present in the skin. Our epidermis consists of more than 50% ceramides. They play an essential role in the protection of the epidermis against external aggressions and allows the maintenance of hydration of the skin. When the skin lacks ceramides, it becomes fragile and dries up. To remedy this problem, it is essential to have a care rich in ceramide to restore the skin barrier . Cerave has understood it well. All its products are composed of a unique cocktail of 3 essential ceramides naturally present in the skin. This fusion of the ceramides present in the care accompanied by those already present in allows our skin to be healthier and more resistant.


Formulas adapted to all skin types


The laboratory now offers more than 11 products dedicated to dry and dehydrated skins. Take the time to moisturise your skin in both winter and summer with Cerave known for its rich, moisturising textures that penetrate the skin gently and do not stick. Cerave accompanies you in your beauty ritual from the cleaning stage to the hydration stage. And there is something for everyone: foaming gel, moisturising surgras bar, moisturising cleansing cream, micellar water. Cerave guarantees non-comedogenic products, fragrance free and hypoallergenic that suit all skin types and hydrate all skin types. the dry areas of the body too. These types of formulas highly appreciated by dermatologists are not irritating to sensitive skins. In the form of milk, cream, or balm, the Cerave range of moisturising treatments is wide and varied and accompanies your entire family.


Traceability available for consumers


In case of specific allergies, Cerave offers you a complete list of ingredients that can be found on the packaging of each product. An easier way for consumers to make their choices and meet their desires. The brand is also committed to the environment. Cerave guarantees products that are not tested on animals and that respect the environment.


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