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Detox is essential for a proper body functioning. Whether it is kidneys, brain, gallbladder or digestive system, they all build up toxins over time.

An inappropriate diet, harsh weather conditions or an unhealthy lifestyle may all eventually require a detox treatment. Whether starting a diet or wanting to feel better about your body, flushing toxins out of your system is vital. Our online store will introduce you to a large selection of efficient drainage and detox products. To make the right choice, please consult our special product pages, compare prices, ingredients and reviews. Before proceding with our secure payment platform, make the best of our current special offers and deals.
Don't let heavy metals take over! Enjoy treatments and cures available on our website and say no to a toxin build-up.


Why do I need to eliminate excess toxins ?


Whether cleansing your liver, boosting digestion or draining your system before or during a diet, it is all about detox. Same as lymphatic drainage, it is vital in clearing our emunctories: lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. The right antioxidant will assist you in improving your bowel functions, getting rid of accumulated toxins or losing weight. Evacuating toxic elements is thus an important part of our well-being. Make sure you do an appropriate cure several times a year, to eliminate waste and free radicals from your system. Accumulation of toxins and harmful substances may have long-term adverse effects on your metabolism. To boost your immune functioning, lose weight or improve your well-being, think about practicing a physical activity and a healthy diet rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, fruit and vegetables. And the last but not the least, opt for a detox cure.


What active ingredients shall I use for my detox?


When talking about detoxification, good bowel functioning, water retention, blood circulation, digestive and draining action, certain active ingredients come in mind. Ddandelion, birch sap, black radish, artichoke, green tea, rosemary, lemon juice, fennel, milk thistle, with grapes, turmeric or grapefruit are thus our best allies in our detox treatment. To cleanse our body, improve disturbed urination, colon functioning and intestinal well-being, herbal teas and food supplements are the first choice. If you wish, you may also seek advice from a naturopathic practitioner.

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