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As a couple, visionary pharmacists Simone and Robert Véret created SVR: a dermotological laboratory which key aim was to create "BEAUTIFUL SKIN".

Their belief ? Formulate leading dermatological active ingredients at the highest dosage possible without affecting skin tolerance.

The result ? Unrivalled skincare in terms of effectiveness and tolerance.
Over the years, their son and later their grandson transformed this small French family brand into a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics.
Prescribed by dermatologists in some 45 countries and present at all major conferences, SVR has grown in size whilst remaining true to its values.
An authentic, ethical and sincere approach combined with reliability and outstanding quality enabled the brand to bring leading skincare products to the market, for all skin types including the most sensitive.



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The story of the brand

SVR is a family company that has been working for three generations on the health and comfort of the skin. The company develops, manufactures and distributes  dermo-cosmetic cares in more than 45 countries. Nowadays, the company employs more than 380 employees. 

The caduceus with the addition of a snake encircling a rose to represent perfect harmony between beauty and health is the emblem of the brand.

SVR has become one of the major actor in dermo-cosmetics. In 2018, it won a French award for its innovaive concept: formulate leading dermatological active ingredients at the highest dosage possible without affecting skin tolerance.

Nowadays, the SVR cares are prescribed by dermatologists in some 45 countries. 

SVR, the skin ageing expert

Skin ageing is inevitable. Even if all types of skin do not age the same way, it is important to protect your skin and prevent the first signs of ageingPollution, UV and other external aggressions accelerate the ageing process. The first step is to provide your skin with a suitable and effective care to prevent and limit the appearance of wrinklesloss of firmness, radiance and density . The SVR laboratory offers a wide range of products designed to protect the skin.

 Highly dosed in Vitamin C, the range HYDRACID is the anti-ageing range specifically dedicated for skin radiance. 
Thanks to Vitamin C combined with hyaluronic acid, HYDRACID care helps reduce the signs of age, smooth wrinkles and brighten the complexion. It is suitable for sensitive skin and paraben free .

LIFTIANE, the anti-wrinkle and firmness solution combats all the signs of skin ageing for visible results after 7 days only. 

TOPIALYSE: the specific range made for dry to very dry atopic skin

TOPIALYSE is the range dedicated to dry, very dry, irritated, atopy-prone skin. Its composition without perfumealcohol-free, paraben-free  and  non-comedogenic  is formulated with omega 3, 6 and 9 and of hyaluronic acid , for maximum protection and repair.
Full range of emollients and cleansing for face and body, it provides enhanced anti-scratching action with maximum comfort and tolerance. 
The TOPIALYSE cares are 100% tested under dermatological control on atopy-prone skin. They are paraben, alcohol and fragrance free.

The brand offers a range entirely dedicated to  atopic dermatitis, very common in  infants  and children. This chronic inflammatory disease is characterised by severe drynessrednesscrusts  or  itching . If this atopic eczema  is not treated, it can result in  skin superinfection. This disease may be related to a  food allergy  or  allergic rhinitis . In infants, this Eczema  is most often seen on the  scalp , face and buttocks. If the condition is not treated properly, it can persist into adulthood and lead to the development of other viruses such as  herpes .

The Topialyse products provide nutrition  and intense hydration . Atopic, dry and very dry skins find all the comfort they need. Itchings and scratchings are soothed in a durable way and their reappearance is limited.

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