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PILEJE : The expert laboratory in probiotics

The Pileje Laboratory is the founder of micronutrition. 

Pileje's aim is to offer an alternative  for treating functional disorders such as fatigue, stress, irritability or digestive disorders with a  sustainable health approach.

The objective of micronutrition is to rebalance the diet by adding micronutritional supplements perfectly adapted to the needs of each.

Lactibiane, microbiane, aerobiane, digebiane, and so many other ranges to facilitate the everyday life.

PILEJE : The expert laboratory in probiotics

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The expert laboratory in probiotics

In 1990, the Pilege laboratory designed and marketed the first products based probiotics intended in particular to improve intestinal comfort . 

The laboratory is therefore one of the first to question the importance of rebalancing the digestive flora and the assimilation of nutrients. In order to best meet these issues, PiLeJe has been conducting research on probiotics for several years and developed expertise in the selection of probiotic strains. based on 4 criteria: the rigorous selection of bacterial strains to ensure effective products, the control of excipients that  make up the formula of the product so as not to harm the action of probiotic strains, control of the culture medium and manufacturing conditions of these probiotics, and finally the choice of a stable and functional galenic preserving the probiotic strains at best.

Certification and quality control

The probiotics consumed by humans must be irreproachable  and cause no risk to the body. This is why the laboratory ensures the quality of these products thanks to the HQM ( High Microbiotic Quality ) charter, which guarantees the quality of probiotic strains and bacterial strains. The PiLeJe dietary supplements are "no antibiotic resistant." They do not cause bacteriological resistance to antibiotic treatments. They are rigorously selected through numerous technical tests. They are also gastro-resistant and are thus able to withstand the different conditions encountered throughout the digestive tract to reach the intestine or the colon effectively.

Pilege, the micronutrition expert

Micro-nutrition is part of a preventive medicine that allows additional support for conventional medicine. Its objective is to cure existing imbalances and nutritional deficits in order to avoid the appearance of disorders and pathologies that could occur because of these nutritional deficits. This preventive medicine can help complete an existing medical treatment  or simply prevent the occurrence of certain diseases by filling such a deficiency of iron, vitamin or magnesium. The PiLeJe laboratory understood very early the benefits of this preventive medicine and has developed solutions for patients and health professionals within the framework of this medicine of health. 


For Pilege, the quality of its products and the health of its patients is of major importance. This is why the brand has become over the years an expert in herbal medicine . The benefits of the plant are put forward to offer a comprehensive action to the body and restore the health of the individual. Herbal medicine can be used to fight against stress or depression. It can also cure headaches or fight against fatigue. For optimal action, PiLeje carefully controls the production of its dietyary supplements from the selection of plant species through the choice of crop conditions to the design of the finished product. The laboratory tries to preserve all the properties of the fresh plants that it selects by restoring the totum closest to the plant of origin. The plants used come mostly from French cultures or foreign cultures favouring organic or wild agriculture . This allows the brand to be part of an ecological and ethical approach .

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