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VICHY : Over 80 years of history

Vichy was created in 1931 by a dermatologist and has established itself as one of the essential brands in dermo-cosmetics. 

Vichy associates the mineralising thermal water with the best dermatological active ingredients to develop its treatments. 

The spring is located in the volcanic Auvergne land, in France. The thermal water is rich in minerals and nutrients that are essential to the beauty of the skin.

The Vichy treatments are efficient and have been developed to offer an optimal tolerance to all types of skin : young or mature, dry, combination, or oily skins.

The Vichy cares answer all the needs. There are moisturisers, scrubs, masks, and hair cares.

Vichy offers various ranges of hygiene products and face, hair, and body cares both for women and men.

Products Vichy

Over 80 years of history


Doctor Prosper Haller opened the first thermal spa in Europe in the 1930's. In the early 1800's, the curists would come to get treatments for skin problems such as eczema, redness, irritations, rashes etc.


On the observed powerful assets of the thermal spring water of Vichy, Dr. Haller founded the Independent Society of Dermatological Hygiene of Vichy aiming to establish more in-depth research on the benefits of the mineralising thermal water. 


The first range of skin cares was launched in 1931, and was basically dedicated to women to answer their skin needs: dryness, sensitivity, sebum excess, with an appropriate routine whatever their age. 


Gradually, the Vichy thermal spring water was incorporated into every care. The Vichy mineralising water  is rich in minerals and trace elements. It rebalances the Ph of the skin, fortifies and replenishes it. The skin is more resistant to external aggressions


The brand values 


The Vichy thermal spring water is integrated in every formula. The genuine soothing virtues of the Vichy thermal spring water have been clinically tested according to protocols of tests. During the development process, Vichy favours the best molecules proven in the paramedical world and tries to promote ingredients of plant origin. 


All the Vichy cares are created and produced  in France, just 4km from its springs.It ensures a strict control of the quality of the products. Since its creation, the Vichy laboratories have followed the standards required in the pharmaceutical sector and have received four times the European certification in terms of safety, environment and quality. Thanks to this control, the brand guarantees hypoallergenic products, specifically designed to limit the risk of allergies. All the Vichy products are dermatologically tested and are therefore suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. A team of skin experts, biologists, dermatologists and pharmacists work together to bring the best possible efficiency to products. 


Daily ranges 


Vichy now offers ranges dedicated to the everyday routine for the whole family . There are face, body, hair and sun cares both for men, women and children.


The 5 pillars of Vichy are: formula based on the Vichy thermal mineralising water, dermatological active ingredients of natural origin, manufacturing in the heart of the Auvergne volcanic land, hypoallergenic products tested on the most sensitive skins and cares tested under medical supervision. 


Discover the varied ranges available in several formats. There is choice for everyone.


There are deodorants and  depilatory creams for the body. Repairing, nourishing and anti-hair loss treatments, and make-up for any taste and any type of skin. There is also a range dedicated to men with a selection of shower gels, creams, aftershaves, deodorants, etc. 


Finally, the sun range combines protection and pleasure from the first application.


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