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SANOFLORE : A trip to the Vercors 

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SANOFLORE : A trip to the Vercors 

The products of Sanoflore are produced in the Vercors Regional natural park thanks to a unique know-how and an ancestral technique: steam distillation at low pressure to preserve the active properties of aromatic plants.Floral water and essential oils are both precious essences both part of the Sanoflore products.
The Sanoflore products comply with the Natural and Organic Charter and are Ecocert certified.
They are formulated of minimum 95% of natural origin, 20% organic ingredients. The products are all tested on sensitive skin and the perfumes are 1000% of natural origin.  
The Sanoflore botanical garden is a collection of 350 aromatic and officinal plants.
Researchers and experts analyse and select the most promising of plants and flowers to reveal their unique properties.
Thereby, Sanoflore can offer all women a natural and certified organic alternative to conventional cosmetics.

A trip to the Vercors 

The story of Sanoflore began in 1972, in the Vercors, in France. A group of organic farmers created a botanical garden far from any pollution.

The Sanoflore laboratory was created in 1986 and since, a team of organic farmers, distillers, biologists have been working on traditional methods preserving the purity and the power of nature.

The most active plant species are rigourously selected and harvested. Then, thanks to steam distillatiion, they are transformed into high performance complexex of essential oils and organic floral waters.

Sanoflore wants to offer all women natural and organic alternative to conventional cosmetics: pure, sustainable, sensory and powerful.

It delivers immediate and visible results for a fresher and healthier skin.

The bio-certified treatments fight against stains, imperfections, with clinical prooves competing with the synthetic molecules such as vitamin C or retinol.

Certified organic and natural products

With sensory textures, original and delicate fragrances 100% natural origin, the Sanoflore products are also more responsible: respectful of the skin, it also respects men and the environment giving priority to the local agriculture and solidarity.

All the products comply with the natural and organic Charter and are Ecocert certified.

Sanoflore refuses the use of insecticides and pesticides. It gives new life to its waste transforming it into natural fertilisers to enrich the fields. Sanoflore also promotes the circular economy collecting rainwater for cooling machines, and photovoltaic panels.

It prioritises a cleaner transportation reducing the volume of cartons thus vehicles, and favour gas transportation.

Last but not least, Sanoflore works daily on the eco-design of its products to reduce environmental impact.  

Each Sanoflore product stands out for its unique fragrance and its immediately recognisable olfactory signature.

Sanoflore offers fifteen ranges of bathroom essentials such as: make-up removers, cleansers, serums, face creams, body milks, masks or even floral waters. 

Thanks to the diversity and specificity of its products, Sanoflore can treat all kinds of skin problems: imperfections, wrinkles, excess sebum, damaged skin, lack of hydration or needing radiance. 

Let yourself be tempted by the richness of the sensations offered by the ingredients of natural origin and textures that touches the senses in an immediate and unprecedented way.

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