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CBD (Cannabidiol) Oils

Explore a wide range of CBD products in our online store. Find out all the benefits, virtues and advantages of this cosmetics, make the best of our experts' advice as to the use of natural hemp plant-based CBD oils.

To choose a perfectly suited oil, consult our product descriptions, customer reviews, prices and compositions. Make the best of our special offers and deals. Our products cater for all budgets and tastes indeed. Once you've made up your mind, choose a delivery method and make payment through our secure platform.


What is CBD oil?


Otherwise known as cannabidiol, CBD oil is a substance extracted from hemp plants. Recognized for its relaxing and analgesic effects, it is known to relieve many ailments. CBD products are traditionally based on a  mixture of CBD crystals and special plant oils. Make sure you do not confuse this molecule with a THC (cannabis). The latter one is psychotropic, illegal in France and is a drug. CBD, on the other hand, offers similar properties with no psychotropic or psychoactive side effects. CBD or hemp oils thus only give you the best, bringing no harm. Hemp plants or cannabidiol extracts, most of the time, are completely organic or issued from sustainable and ecological farming. Rarely would they be stuffed with pesticides. For their conservation, laboratories are using Vitamin E. Hemp is actually one of the oldest plants cultivated in herbalism for its medicinal properties. It is also known for its use as a textile fiber. Today, among other things, CBD oils are recognized for their efficiency against anxiety, nausea. There is even a research quoting their use in a fight against Alzheimer's disease. CBD oils are also your daily allies for your skin and hair beauty. Combined with vitamin E, they provide an amazing anti-aging action.


CBD oils : benefits and use 

CBD oils are known for a number of incredible virtues for your skin, in particular, for restoring its balance. These plant cosmetics soothe, nourish and comfort. Their alleviating powers bring a true comfort to your epidermis, relieving irritations and tightness. Hemp oil is an excellent complement to a sweet almond shower oil, jojoba or argan cream. CBD oil is also great for a skin desperate for an intense hydration. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, your skin is efficiently & propotionately nourished : a dab of the product is enough to soothe even extremely dry epidermis. Same as certain aromatherapy products, these oils also help boost your cutanenous barrier. Your strengthened skin is thus more resistant to dryness, oxidative stress and free radicals. In addition to their antioxidant effect, these active ingredients are also beneficial for your joints. For professional athletes or people suffering from fragile joints, CBD oils provide an instant anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue action, being a great ally for a soothing massage.


Cannabidiol oil has beneficial properties on your skin, but also on your hair. Its formulas are enriched with a number of fatty, omega, amino acids and vitamins. All of these nutrients have a dramatic effect on your hair health. They are efficient against hair loss, for damaged and brittle hair regeneration, growth, overall hydration and hair fiber reinforcement. On top of CBD oils as such, we have a large selection of shampoos, conditioners and masks formulated with hemp oil.



Purchase CBD oils with Easyparapharmacie


 To choose the right product in our online store, you don't have to know the details of this elixir's extraction methods. Just trust our most reputable drugstore brands and laboratories. Same as for essential oils or apitherapy products, CBD oil may be diluted, taken in drops or used on your skin. Make the best of it depending on your needs. When choosing your CBD oil for its hair strengthening or anti-wrinkle effect, please carefully check user instructions, but also the percentage of cannabidiol present. Percentages may vary depending on whether it is an external or oral use product. CBD oils sold in our online drugstore can be both consumed orally or applied directly to your skin. To be on the safe side, please make sure you read product descriptions and user recommendations.

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