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Caudalie: a brand dedicated to all skin types

After years of research, the Caudalie laboratory finally managed to identify the molecule responsible for so much brilliance: The Viniferine. 

Since its creation, Caudalie has formulated its products with a maximum of natural ingredients to preserve the environment and especially the skin of each woman. 

In 2006, Caudalie innovated by removing paraben from all its products. Since then, their formulas have contained preservatives used by organic brands . The combines natural formulas, the creation of wine therapy, the benefits of grapes and a commitment to the planet. It also offers wine therapy spas: cures by the grape. Naturalness is its key word.

Caudalie is a brand committed to nature and the environment . The goal of the brand is simple: be the best in natural components. To honor the beauty of each woman, the brand offers face cares, body cares, special collections or gifts and giftboxes. Each skin can find its beauty routine thanks to the brand from Bordeaux. Green and eco- friendly habits that attract  the followers of our environment. For its components, Caudalie relies mainly on grape water, viniferine, resveratrol and polyphenol.

Products Caudalie

Caudalie: a brand dedicated to all skin types


Originally from Bordeaux, Caudalie is a brand that wants to offer ever more natural and ever more efficient collections to its consumers. Although it has been offering cult products for some years now, the brand is constantly diversifying its range of products. Always using the benefits of viniferine, grape water, resveratrol or polyphenol. To create its products, the brand takes the time to select effective ingredients of natural origin. While respecting the environment and the skin.


Nowadays, there are different ranges. For instance, for the face, each woman can choose among six ranges: vinosource to nourish the skin, vine activ to revive the radiance, vinoperfect for a skin without brown spots, resveratrol lift for a firm face or even premier cru for a new youth. There is also vinopure, divine range and makeup removers that cleanse skin gently. Consumers can add makeup to their routine, such as tinted cream that gives radiance, balms for deeply hydrated lips or mineral powder for a good-looking effect. For a beautiful and radiant skin, the brand offers body products such as moisturising treatments that penetrate quickly, scrubs even for sensitive skins, hand and foot creams that are suitable for everyone, fresh water and floral fragrances, shower gels and shampoos to gently massage the scalp, slimming solutions or oils to keep skin healthy.


To bring relaxation and well-being to every woman, Caudalie has also opened spas for a healthy skin. The establishments use vinotherapy and offer serene and feminine parentheses which help to keep skin clean and eliminate dead cells. Vinotherapy is a grape cure which combines the natural active ingredients of the vine and its fruit with face and body care rituals for the skin of women and men. Caudalie vinotherapy spas are unique in the world. To visit one of these spas and try the cure, go to Martillac, Avray, New York, Bilbao, Porto, Lisbon, Istanbul and Toronto.


A start in the vineyards of Bordeaux


The Caudalie adventure started in 1993. A discussion during the grape harvest of Château Smith Haut Laffite triggered everything. The story was born in the domain of Mathilde's parents. She and her husband met Professor Joseph Vercauteren who was is then the director of the laboratory of the Bordeaux University of Pharmacy. During the discussion, they came to a conclusion: grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants of nature. Since that day, research has ceaselessly grown. Husband and wife discovered little by little, polyphenols (1995), resveratrol (2001) and viniferine (2005). The first product of the brand, the water of beauty, was created in 1997. The first spa of vinotherapy was born in 1995 in Martillac. In 2006 the brand became a pioneer of cosm-ethics. This label marks the beginning of greener products and natural ingredients: no paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no phthalates, no sodium laureth sulfate, no mineral oils and no animal ingredients.


A reasoned cosm-ethic for Caudalie


Today, naturalness is the watchword of Caudalie and especially its founder's. Her goal is to mix glamour and efficiency. In this purpose, the brand selects ingredients of natural origin such as vine and grape extracts, vegetable oils / waxes and butters, essential oils, floral waters, vegetable waters, extracts of various plants and various fruits with recognised cosmetic virtues. It never uses "suspicious" and / or "unwanted" ingredients. For example, endocrine disrupting preservatives, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oils which are petrochemical derivatives or irritating and / or polluting agents. For its consumers, Caudalie is committed to transparency especially its biotechnological molecules, perfumes, preservatives and sunscreens. The goal here is to stay natural without sacrificing efficiency and sensoriality.


Caudalie also works for the environment. The brand funds associations for the protection of forests , for example "1% for the planet, acting for deforestation". Then, it acts daily with simple gestures such as the choice of FSC paper, wooden hoods, plastic recycling and spa wastewater, the use of vegetable inks, etc. Daily actions that make a difference for Caudalie.


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