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Hot flashes, hormonal imbalances… the menopause is rearing its ugly head. This new phase of a woman’s life is usually not very pleasant to live through, so why not come discover a category in our online shop dedicated to products to make it easier?

Here, you can find a range of dietary supplements specially chosen for the menopause. Many health and beauty brands offer dietary supplement ranges. To help you make your choice for the perfect product for your needs and budget and to ensure you are satisfied when your purchase is delivered, you can make the most of our customer reviews and expert advice. You can also compare different items, as well as offers, deals and prices to find your perfect dietary supplement as a woman. You can buy your new support product on our secure payment platform.


What actually is the menopause?


One of the consequences of having hormones, the menopause is a life stage reached by women once they get to a certain age. Women going through the menopause may experience many unpleasant effects, such as dry eyes or vagina, excessive secretions or sweat, osteoporosis, deficiencies in all sorts of things, cardiovascular problems including heart palpitations, sweating, joint pain, lack of periods or significant weight gain. The many possible unwanted effects on the body are echoed by those on the mind. Women going through the menopause can be irritable, uncomfortable, have trouble sleeping including insomnia, and have libido and sex life problems. Every woman, once she reaches menopause, needs to be looked after on a daily basis. This is why our online pharmacy brings you dietary supplements that are perfect for women that may be taking hormone treatment or are just anxious about the menopause arriving. The age at which symptoms start can vary, but everyone knows when it happens. Even with precious help from a gynaecologist or GP, the hormonal imbalances are not easy to manage. Having a daily product to help in your struggle will be a source of support for many women.


How to choose dietary supplements


From night sweats to completely disrupted periods, menopause can happen whether the body is ready for it or not. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the early signs. You need the right tablets or capsules at the right doses in order to counteract these disruptions. To choose the right dietary supplements, you need to listen to your own body’s needs and seek the advice of a medical expert. They might suggest hormone replacement therapy or other products depending on your feeling about herbal remedies, how your libido is holding up, what your omega oil needs are, etc. – the important thing is to feel relief when going on to suitable treatment. Just like for urinary problems and relief for problematic ovaries, you need to find a treatment that meets your expectations and your body’s needs. Hormone treatment for the menopause may also be combined with relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, homeopathy, essential oil diffusers or other natural remedies you might like.


To suitably treat hormonal imbalances and respond to your body’s deficiencies, you need the right treatment at the right doses. When you are choosing your dietary supplement, you also need to take into account your and your family’s health history. If, for example, there is a history of breast cancer, you need to make sure to comply with the prescribed supplement and not just take anything you fancy. Nowadays, many women seek out solutions through gynaecology or acupuncture, but our main piece of advice is to make sure you take time for yourself. Exercise from time to time and treat yourself to a wellness retreat, with a massage with evening primrose or sage essential oils and a manicure.

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