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Pregnancy - related treatments

Pregnancy puts up body to a test. During this period, it is essential to look after yourself, and your skin in particular. On our online store is offering a wide selection of products and treatments for a pregnant woman. Prepare for a childbirth in all confidence!

Among our many brands, an expectant mother will easily find hydrating mosturizers, anti-stretch mark cosmetics. Whether sensitive or blemish-prone skin, to choose a perfect treatment, consult our product descriptions, customer reviews, prices and compositions. Make the best of our special offers and deals. Once you've made up your mind, choose a delivery method and make payment through our secure platform. Plant massage oils, moisturizing creams, fortifying hair lotions or organic shower gels - find everything you need for a peaceful pregnancy.


Essential Pregnancy Accessories


You are anxiously looking forward for the moment to share the great news with the whole family. Once your ovulation tests, pregnancy and blood result are confirmed, now is the time! You can finally tell everyone about the happy event to come and start thinking about all the treatments you may need. No stress, here you will find a large selection of organic treatments, vitamins and all the essential breastfeeding and pregnancy accessories. Anti-redness treatments, soothing thermal waters, sun protection sprays are the first to come to mind. Don't forget less glamorous items, however! Hypoallergenic compression tights, washable & disposable mesh panties, maternity cotton towels, perineum massage oil, nipple moisturizers, post-cesarean scar treatments, breastfeeding pads, pelvic bands - you name it, we have it!


Which beauty products shall I use?


During pregnancy, our body may change dramatically. Weight gain, stretch marks are the first consequences to come to mind. Don't forget about the skin though!  Carrying a baby may also affect your epidermis and hair. Stock up on special creams, face and body treatments, shampoos essential for this time of your life. You may have been regularly using certain hydrating balms, anti-aging serums, dry skin scrubs. With pregnancy, these skincare rituals may need to be changed. Special  moisturizers for every skin type, perfectly inocuous to your baby, are now to choose from. Our online drugstore has a large selection of anti-hair loss lotions, facial moisturizers, organic washing gels, firming body treatments, intimate hygiene cleansers, vegan beauty products and pregnancy food supplements specially conceived for mom and baby's well-being. 

Specific skincare rituals do not mean that you have to give up on your beauty routine, however. If you were using oily-prone skin creams, almond milk soothing make-up removers, argan oil and shea butter masks, don't hesitate to consult your doctor whether you could carry on with those same treatments. Pharmacists or healthcare professionals will guide you through the body treatments adapted to your skin and shampoos suited for your hair. During pregnancy, we also advise you to opt for organic body treatments and natural cosmetics - it is always better for the baby.

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