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Eye make-up tips 


Eye make-up is something all the ladies use from an early age to look like their mom or big sister. As to the technique, it takes time and experience to master it. For a glowing look, opt for eye shadows matching your skin and eye color. The application method is just as important as the shade that you choose. Use a special brush, other than the foundation one, to apply a neutral color base on the mobile eyelid. Experiment with colors. For a particularly expressive look, apply the lightest shade on the inner and the darkerst on the outer eye corner. Once the shades are applied with special brushes, go for the eyeliner. For a luminous look, start applying  it from the very eyelash base. For the best effect, use the eyeliner on top of the eye shadow. Eyeliner is tricky to apply, take your time with it. For a smoky look, use a slightly shaded black pencil.


For the stunning smoky eyes, an illuminating and dramatic look, black mascara is your best friend. It is generally applied on the upper lashes. For smaller eyes, apply on the lower lashes. To avoid large patties, use a zig-zag technique. Opt for almond eyes effect with an eyelash curler.


How to choose your make-up?


Choosing the shade for a smocky or nude effect is not an easy task. Think about your irises color. Green eyes invite for a warm brown shade. Brown eyes is a good match for an intense purple or green. A perfect combination for blue eyes are warm shades of caramel brown or orange. Deciding on the right eye shadow could be much trickier than choosing a nail polish. If there is any sort of a tip for choosing your eye shadow, it is all about the right eyebrow pencil ! And it has to match your complexion too! For a nice and tidy look, shade the pencil over the entire browbone, respecting your eyebrow shape.  And the last but not the least, the concealer has to be your daily routine. You don’t choose it based on your eye color, whether hazel or gray, but on the dark circles’ type. The choice is traditionally between beige, blue or green. To purchase the right beauty treatment, don’t hesitate to make the best of our technical advice.

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