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Sunny days will be mosquito free!

These horrible mosquitos suck the life out of us, biting, buzzing and leaving us itchings as their visiting card! Summer is thus officially open season on culicids! Mosquitos stop with me! They can be neutralised efficiently thanks to powerful repellents. I won’t get mosquito bites anymore! The Easypara experts have selected for you the best repellents: accessories, such as bracelets, and also cares, creams, sprays etc… Make the right gestures and refuse to be the victim of these malignant vampires anymore!

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Fighting with the enemies and winning the war!

A galore of sophisticated weapons are available. There are sprays, lotions, essential oils, lemongrass essence:  choose the one that is right for you and your family. In some continents, the dengue or the chikungunya can transmit serious diseases such as malaria. The right treat as well as the right gesture are of major importance. Although some body parts (face, hands, ankles) are more sensitive and must be thoroughly protected, the whole body should be basted with the repellent.

Peaceful resistance!

Repellent accessories such as diffusers, wipes, patches, candles, nets and pramnets, bracelets are also massively efficient in the fight against those evilish greedy insects! There are basically containing lemongrass and waterproof so that they are suitable in any situation.

The rest for the warriors!

Do not claim victory too soon as the Foreign legion of mosquitos is highly operative! If on the off chance you didn’t escape it, you can count on roll- ons, soothing creams, patches and purifying essential oils. At home or outdoors, always plan the dirty trick and keep repellents and soothing cares at hand.

The tips of the Easypara shock troops!

1- Anticipate

2- Prepare your aid kit

3- Know what to do and have the right gesture

4- Block all the paths

5- Shot

To combat the tiger mosquitos and other aedes, don’t forget to equip beds and prams with netsLight torches and candles and set traps! Stagnant waters would usually be infested. Keep away from them. Do not stay outdoors without any protection. And spray or diffuse repellents without restraint.

Who desires the end must desire the means.

Just a matter of finding the right ways!

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