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Cookies policy

This "Cookies Management Policy" explains how EASYPARA collects and/or uses data from cookies and other tracers. It also enables you to control its use.


This policy allows you to find out more about the origin and use of this browsing data and your rights with regard to it, in accordance with your right to object.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file, a tracer, deposited and read by the user, when consulting an  internet website, reading an electronic newsletter, installing or using software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, connected IO, smartphone, digital reader, Internet-connected video game console, etc.). ). These cookies are advised on your terminal and can store information. The data stored by means of cookies may include the number of pages visited, the language chosen, the city where the IP address connecting to the website is located, the frequency and duration of visits, the navigator, the operator or the type of terminal from which the visit is made.


What is the purpose of cookies used and deposited on this website?

The cookies placed and used on this website are used for several purposes. For you to understand their purpose and control their use, we use cookies for the following:


Operating cookies (exempt from consent)

The purpose of these cookies is to ease communication by electronic means (detection of connection devices, identification of connection points, security of this website, etc.) or to provide online communication services at your express request (memorizing products you have added to your shopping cart, identification of connection points, security of this website, etc.). ) or to provide online communication services at your express request (memorizing products you have added to your shopping cart, definition of your privacy preferences, connection to your EASYPARA customer account or filling-in forms, etc.). The use and storage of these cookies are not subject to getting your prior consent, in accordance with article 82 of law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended, relating to data processing, files and rights.


Audience Measuring

These cookies enable to measure the audience of this website in order to meet various needs: measuring performance, detecting browsing problems, optimizing technical performance or ergonomics, estimating the power of servers required, analyzing the content consulted, etc. The data collected by means of cookies or similar technologies may be combined with your account data and your purchase data (if you are logged in to your EASYPARA account) to give us a better understanding of your habits and preferences, as well as to determine which products are most suitable for certain categories of users presenting characteristics similar to those you would be likely to buy.


The exhaustive list of "audience measurement" cookies used by EASYPARA is available at module of cookies and other tracers configuration


Cookies for customizing website content

These cookies are used to customize the content (suggested products, auto-pilot banners, etc.) displayed on the EASYPARA website and application, according to your use thereof (products consulted, pages visited, etc.). If you are connected to your EASYPARA account and if you have not objected to this from your EASYPARA account, the data collected by means of these cookies may be combined with your account data (title, purchase history, etc.) in order to offer you products likely to meet your needs and/or likely to be of interest to you.


The exhaustive list of cookies for “customizing this website’s content” that EASYPARA is using is available at module of cookies and other tracers configuration of this website.


Cookies enabling the display of personalised advertising based on your browsing and activity on this and related websites

These cookies are used by EASYPARA and its affiliated companies in order to improve the relevance of advertisements and advertising content displayed on the EASYPARA website and application as well as affiliated websites and applications thereof (in particular, affiliated websites and applications featuring advertisements promoting EASYPARA products and services).


These cookies may in particular record data relating to your personal preferences, your interests in products and/or services, your professional interests, your consumer habits, etc. Our advertising partners and us may use automated processing tools to record your personal preferences and evaluate this information. Our advertising partners and us may use automated processing tools to track your personal preferences and evaluate certain personal aspects related to you, and in particular to analyse or respond to your needs and personal preferences. The data collected in this way may come from different sources and may be aggregated: data from our user and/or customer databases, browsing data, data from other countries, etc. This aggregation may result in your personal data being used for other purposes. This data may result in you receiving personalized advertising in line with your personal preferences. This data may namely lead us to display advertising on this website related to products that you are likely to prefer. The use of such tools is defined as spamming by the applicable regulations.


Refusing these cookies has no impact on the volume of advertising you receive or to which you are exposed. By rejecting these cookies, the advertisements displayed to you will not be personalized according to your preferences and activity and are therefore likely to be less relevant.


How may I manage deposit and use of cookies?

When you first visit a terminal on this website, you will be given an opportunity to consent or reject the deposit and/or use of certain cookies by means of a dedicated information banner. If you expressly agree to this, you consent to the use of cookies and other tracers on your computer. If you refuse or do not reply, the cookies and other data subject to consent will not be deposited and/or used on your terminal.


Your choice is memorized for 6 months.


We would like to inform you that, in accordance with the law, your consent is not required for cookies whose purpose is to enable or ease communication or to provide a service that you have requested.


Choose my cookies


Find out more and see all your rights in relation to your personal data processing

Cookies deposited and used through the EASYPARA website and application may lead to the collection and processing of personal data. To know more on how EASYPARA UK handles your personal data, please consult our personal data policy.


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