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Nuxe: science, nature and senses together

The Nuxe’s laboratories are committed to discovering rare and precious components to elaborate new products. The brand’s values are based on authenticity and performance by concentrating pure active elements and creating patented formulas.

The Nuxe products have incomparable textures and refined fragrances, a blend of luxury and sensuality. These solutions for face and body are  firming, regenerating, soothing, nourishing and moisturising. Day and night creams adapt to dry,  sensitive or normal skins. Nuxe offers ranges to fight against skin ageing but also to support skin hydration. Make-up remover, face cream and body lotion: a beauty routine to adopt with application tips.

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Nuxe: science, nature and senses together

Nuxe, a 100% French brand focuses on the beauty of each woman with products adapted to dry, very dry, normal or combination skins. The brand aims at reconnecting women with their nature and allow them to express their singular beauty. It commits itself to the natural beauty of each one by drawing the most active molecules of nature, by favouring the natural origin and the organic processes by excluding the use of synthetic ingredients but also by taking inspiration from the sensoriality of the textures. A Nuxe skincare product is mainly composed of water, glycerine, vegetable ingredients, texture agents, emulsifiers, perfumes, preservatives and specific ingredients.

The brand offers a complete routine to take care of your body. For the face, it is advisable to start with the make-up remover and then choose your skincare range and face cream. For anti-ageing products , there are five ranges: Nuxellence for the regeneration of mitochondrial DNA, Prodigious boost for the first wrinkles, Merveillance expert which is the anti-ageing treatment to fight deep wrinkles , Nuxuriance ultra to regenerate and fill wrinkles, Nuxuriance gold for thin and fragile mature skins. Nuxe meets the needs of all ages and all types of skin.

There are eye contour cares to accompany the day cream or night cream. Finally, the brand also presents exfoliants, moisturising creams, moisturising and anti-stain treatments, prodigious oil, cold cream, perfumes, a range dedicated to body hydration, a Rêve de miel range based on honey for irritated skins and sun cares for the summer. Men also have a dedicated range with soothing and moisturising cares, especially for a soft skin after shaving or a nourishing treatment in the shower.

Nuxe offers products suitable for all skin types, either dry, very dry, normal, dehydrated, sensitive, atopic, combination skin or oily skins etc... The treatments adapt to the epidermis of each to moisturise and treat.

A brand committed to the environment

Nuxe sets up different eco-friendlly actions . For example, cares are conditioned in fully recyclable pots. These are eco-designed so as not to pollute the environment. Inks are also ecological because they are vegetal. Product cases and brochures are made with these inks and paper from sustainably managed forests. The products themselves are composed according to more than 90% biodegradable formulas . Nuxe also works for the protection of the environment by sponsoring hives in the Vosges.

Nuxe's cosmetic assets are eco-friendly. The brand uses macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid . The oil, especially in the Prodigious Oil is harvested mainly in Guatemala. Hyaluronic acid is 100% natural since it is made with beetroot and wheat kernels. The brand also uses the bi-floral saffron and bougainvillea cells as well as the lily oleoactive.

The brand's researchers venture into the heart of nature to extract plants that are rarely used in dermo cosmetics to choose the most interesting molecules and to create the most innovative formulas.

Nuxe: 29 years of history

The story began with the intuition of a woman, Aliza Jabès . The first ranges to come out were the Prodigious Oil in 1991, the Crème fraîche de beauté in 1994 and Rêve de miel in 1999. Instinctive and sensory, they have become the flagships of the brand. The spirit of the founder of the brand can be summed up in a quote: "beauty springs up from instinct" . 29 years after it was launched, Nuxe  still shares this spirit with its employees and teams.

Nuxe is a brand based on three key values for its rich creams: science, nature and the senses . With 45 patents filed, Nuxe offers products without paraben, animal origin, plastic ball, mineral oil and MIT (methylisothiazolinone). Nowadays, there are  products for men and women in different ranges, for combination, oily, normal, sensitive or very dry skins.

Spas dedicated to Nuxe products

Beauty and well-being are dispensed in spas that combine emotions with sensations . The spa adventure began in 2002 in Paris and is now all over France, in prestigious places. The brand offers solo and duo massages, face and body treatments, sensory getaways, treatments for both men and women. All begin with a FFLF scrub (flowers, fruits, leaves, fibers) created exclusively by Nuxe. The relaxation times are based on the brand products.

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