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KLORANE: Plant-based health care

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KLORANE: Plant-based health care

Klorane has been looking after both you and nature for more than 50 years.

Stylised as les Laboratoires Klorane, they set themselves up as a skin care and cosmetics specialist in 1965 and have offered French-made care products using a range of carefully selected plants ever since, all while ensuring they are kind to both your skin and the environment. Their motto is "One plant, one indication", and they use their pharmaceutical expertise to cultivate a wide variety of plant-derived active ingredients with unique properties, whether it's products for hair, body, face or babies. Klorane's expertise and botanical soul have been at the centre of the brand since its creation.
Klorane's everyday ethos is one of environmental sustainability, and they choose to use only plants from organic farming wrapped up in environmental packaging, and their partners are meticulously chosen based on their own environmental positions. Klorane is proud of its French heritage and most of its products are produced in France directly, in the Tarn county in the south, not far from Toulouse.

Unique botanical assets 

Klorane established itself as a pioneer that has made its mark on cosmetics through exclusive expertise: knowing how to choose a long-established plant and borrow from traditional routines to create modern products. The company culture builds on nature to develop innovative plant-based active ingredients and safe and effective products by adhering to a clearly-defined set of ethics and commitments, known as the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise.

Klorane has been working on a daily basis using simple, concrete actions to create respectful products that benefit everyone.

For more than 20 years, it has been committed to the Klorane Botanical Foundation, which fosters a passion for botany and is commited to our plant heritage protection and valorisation around the world.

For instance, the aquatic mint which has been selected for its great richness in polyphenols and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  

The proven antipollution properties of Aquatic Mint were discovered by expert botanists in southwest France. They developed a shampoo and conditioner with a natural and biodegradable formula to share the benefits of this plant with the rest of the world.

A botanical soul in every product

Klorane has been making historical strides in hair and face care for decades. In 2010, Klorane received the ECOCERT ENVIRONMENT ISO 26000, an award for quality and sustainable development.

The eco-designed products are manufactured in France under the High Quality Environmental Approach to reduce impact on the environment.

In 2016, it celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first product collection: chamomile. The Klorane Institute became the Klorane botanical foundation. Nowadays, with every Klorane purchase, a portion of its sales goes to support activities of the Klorane botanical foundation.

The Foundation takes its commitment into the field
through 3 essential missions:
PROTECT plant species under threat
EXPLORE the treasures of the plant world to better understand and protect them
SHARE our botanical knowledge with the largest number of people, particularly children

Klorane, the soul of botany!

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