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Solgar : A consistent pattern of development

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Solgar : A consistent pattern of development

The Solgar Laboratories were founded in 1947 and have been developing, manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements known worldwide for their quality, efficiency and efficacity. 

The Solgar dietary supplements are scientifically developed in order to improve health and well being. 

Solgar is an American laboratory which products are manufactured on the East Coast of the United States.

The Solgar products are available in 45 countries and since 1993 in healthy food stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

All the Solgar products are of natural origin and guaranteed without artificial colours or flavours, without preservatives and almost all without sugars. Most are also gluten free.

A consistent pattern of development

Since its creation, the Solgar brand has stood out from other brands thanks to the qualitative and preventive action of its natural dietary supplements.

In 1947, the brand basically sold only one product. 

Nowadays, more than 300 dietary supplements are distributed in 50 countries worldwide. 

Solgar 's specificities and forefront are based on a progress driven working method, innovation and quality. 

Solgar is developing always more natural and powerful supplements while meeting the health specific needs of everyone.

A highly controlled production

The Solgar dietary supplements are made exclusively in the United States in New Jersey. 

All products have a quality certification called "Gold Standard". 

The brand has its own laboratory which enables it to guarantee this criterion of superior quality in terms of manufacturing, quality control of products and equipment. 

Solgar also uses specific techniques. These labs are highly controlled and have an air purification system that retains unwanted particles and a USP water purification system. The brand manufactures its own products, has its own control laboratory and oversees its distribution worldwide. Its experts respect much more stringent standards than usual the regulations. Thanks to the safety and traceability of its products, Solgar has become the leader in dietary supplement  and the brand that is the most consumed in the United States.

Products tailored and adapted to all

The Solgar dietary supplements adapt to the dietary constraints of each person. 

These are gluten-free and allergen-free products. 

It is one of the first brands that have banned from their formulas ingredients such as salt, sugar, starch, yeast, wheat, artificial flavours and colours. 

This allows more people to consume them. 

Solgar, is also suitable for people with dietary or religious practices with a food that excludes all animal ingredients. 

Vegetarians will find products without gelatin or artificial flavours. 

They are also products with a kosher certification recognized by the international body KOF-F Kosher. The brand also contains several  Halal certified products .

Solgar is the first dietary supplement brand that have developed tablets and capsules with natural water based coatings . 

100% recyclable eco- friendly bottles

The Solgar dietary supplements are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world. This is why the brand is committed in ecology. All of the phials are 100% recyclable and non-porous. For better safety and convenience in product preservation, their packaging better protects nutrients from heat, light, and moisture. It is important to keep them in a dry place, far from all sources of heat and light.

Beer yeast, vitamin A, B, C, magnesium , calcium, vegetable charcoal, evening primrose oil, ginseng, borage oil, melatonin, omega-3, etc ... You will find more than 135 Solgar references to improve your daily life , useful to each member of the family and that will boost the energy of children, teens and adults.

islgar Bisglycinate Magnesium is the solution! This dietary supplement known for reducing fatigue and improving the nervous and muscular system is ideal for people who are intolerant to sugar and salt and also for vegetarians.  

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