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Santarome Bio : expert in organic gemmotherapy

The Santarome Bio laboratoryhas been developing its expertise in organic herbal medicine since 1983. It develops 100% organic or natural health and wellness products designed with health professionals doctors and naturopaths.

Santarome Bio products are manufactured in France and guaranteed without chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, dyes or synthetic flavours.

Whatever your issue: sleep, immunity, heavy legs, digestion, stress, etc ... Santarome offers a natural solution packaged in phials.

One of the best-sellers of the laboratory is the pure organic birch sap: from the tree to the bottle! This product drains, detoxifies, and remineralises deeply. It is ideal for a detox at season changes or for excess food or prepare the body before a diet.

Santarome Bio : expert in organic gemmotherapy

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The Santarome Bio gemmotherapy

The Santarome bio lab is also expert in gemmotherapy. Gemmotherapy is a branch of herbal medicine that uses buds in a concentrated way. The Santarome Bio buds are guaranteed fresh, organic, wild, hand picked and harvested in France.

The bud is the embryonic structure of a plant. It contains all the vital energy and all the properties of the future plant. It is concentrated in vitamins, minerals, trace elements , enzymes, amino acids, polyphenols and flavonoids. Santarome Bio buds are macerated using a method consisting of mixing 1/3 water, 1/3 glycerine and 1/3 alcohol.

The laboratory has developed unique formulas combining 3 buds forming tri-complexes recognized for their virtues and their effectiveness. They are consumed pure or diluted in a glass of water at the rate of 15 drops a day outside meals. These tri-complexes are easily recognisable thanks to their titles: digestive comfort, menopause , prostate, light legs , detox ... For those who know well gemmotherapy, Santarome Bio also offers 6 units:

  • * Blackcurrant
  • * Fig tree
  • * Hawthorn
  • * Linden
  • * Birch
  • * Rosemary
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