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Developed in 1936 by Edward Bach, the RESCUE blend  is composed of 5 Bach® Original flowers that contribute to the day- to- day serenity for the whole family, under all circumstances: Star of Bethlehem (Comfort), Impatiens (Patience), Cherry Plum ( Mastery), Clematis (Attention), Rock Rose (Courage). 


In the 1960's, from the research of Edward Bach, his assistant Nora Weeks developed the RESCUE cream. 

It is the first galenic form in external application. 

The RESCUE cream contains five Bach flower ®  Original of the Rescue ® plus Crab apple, the flower of self-acceptance, to soothe the body and face .

According to the brand, it is better to be in emotional harmony to live serenely one's daily life . 

The different products thus make it possible to better perceive and accept the worries of every day. 

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