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Naturactive  is a brand of the pharmaceutical Pierre Fabre group. It is The number 1 expert and user of medicinal plants in France. 

A 100% eco-friendly brand . 

The brand was launched in 1988 known as Plants and Medicines. The brand was renamed Naturactive in 2009, combined natural health and healthy behaviour and developed 12 ranges and 215 references. The laboratory offers solutions to the daily needs in essential oils, dietary supplements as for sleep, transit, self-tanning, etc.

Belonging to a pharmaceutical group comes with a very great traceability. The products must respect the standards of quality and safety: it is more than 30 control points between the plant and the capsule. Naturactive is also part of the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise.

A 100% of the plants used have no impact on the sustainability of resources. 

Naturactive is an expert in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and dietary supplements. The brand meets the needs of all the family thanks to natural products. 


Ranges for all needs

Naturactive meets all types of needs and issues thanks to a wide and varied range of products. Naturactive also deals with beauty, winter ailments, stress, blood circulation, daily scratches, slimming, nutrition, ENT, sleep, digestion, women wellbeing, energy, joints or even urinary elimination. Thanks to this wide panel, the brand can offer health solutions to the daily service of every man and woman. So, the several ranges of  Naturactive answer quite a lot of issues. PhytoXpert, Aromatherapy, Activ 4, Seriane, Doriance, Hair and nails, Urisanol, essences, Cyclo 3 and Ysomega are mixtures of plants with incredible virtues .

Naturactive and herbal medicine  

Naturactive offers more than 90 herbal medicine references in its different ranges. Different formats and sizes are proposed: there are sticks, very practical for everyone. Easily slipped into the bag, only a large glass of water is needed. There are also capsules and tablets. Illnesses can be treated and prevented  thanks to the science of plants and products derived from nature.

Naturactive is interested in several plants and the brand adapts its working method according to their assets. It has set itself the objective of obtaining products with a high content of active ingredients, especially plant extracts. Naturactive advocates a harvest in six key stages. A good concentration of assets, the absence of contaminant, the standardisation of products and a better absorption. For more than 30 years, the brand has collected dry, concentrated and standardised extracts.

Herbal medicine is a solution to many ailments and issues such as joint pains, urinary disorders, energy boost, sleep troubles, slimming etc...

A range of aromatherapy

The has also developed a range dedicated to aromatherapy.The active ingredients of the plants  are extracted by a process of steam distillation. The asset is thus transformed into a liquid highly concentrated state.These extractions are either ready to use, sold in sprays, or topic uses.

The brand references 51 organic and chemotyped essential oils as well as 5 organic vegetable oils. 100% pure products of natural origin, ready to use, and 7 references of organic essential oils compounds to diffuse and 4 sprays to fight the pests. There also are medical devices such as roll-ons to relieve joints and muscles.

Naturactive proposes diffusers of essential oils, electric and nomadic for the habitat and the office.

Naturactive: 30 years of plant expertise for health and well-being

Naturactive has developed formulas based on plant extracts and essential oils: solutions of natural origin for the health and well-being of all. The brand was born of the passion of Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist and a botanist for the plant world. since 1988, Naturactive has been innovating, developing research and expertise. 

Expert in natural health, the brand nowadays offers 150 plant extracts, essential oils and nutritional supplements to answer the needs of the everyday life: sleep, stress, vitality, immunity, digestion, circulation ... and personalise advice. 

Naturactive: excellence and trust.


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