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Forte Pharma : The philosophy of the brand

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Forte Pharma : The philosophy of the brand

The Forté Pharma laboratory with certified pharmaceutical company status was established in 1999 in Monaco by Dr Yann Rougier, Founder and expert in Nutrition. Further to a long stay in the United states, he developed his expertise in dietary supplements as he realised the importance of micronutrients in the everyday life.

Yann Rougier, founder of Forté Pharma and expert in nutrition has a global vision of well-being and is convinced of the positive impact of food supplements on the human organism and the interest of chronobiology. 

They are more than 50 herbal and active products, effective to fight against nutritional deficiencies and the multiple imbalances that accompany them. The complete formulas and natural assets of the dietary supplements can answer the ills of our modern societies such as obesity, chronic fatigue, stress etc...and help preserve wellbeing, energy and beauty.

Forté Pharma is one of the leaders in France in the slimming segment . The brand offers a wide range of slimming products.

A key player and a leading slimming brand is Minceur 24/TurboSlim Chronoactive (over 10 million units sold since its launch in 2004).


The philosophy of the brand

Further to a prolonged stay in the United states, Dr. Yann Rougier decided to open a laboratory which aim was to develop research about health and well-being. Nowadays, the brand offers more than 50 products dedicated to slimness, health, energy and beauty. The brand is currently active in more than 20 European countries, including France, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. There are over 100 employees including 80 in France and Monaco.

Forté Pharma strives to help each one of us to preserve and improve our own health and well-being potential by helping to fight the major evils of our society.

Whether it is weight loss, sleep problems, fatigue, hair loss etc. the expertise of the Forté Pharma Laboratories is available on all topics of health and beauty, helping to contribute to the improvement of our well-being in everyday life by the continuous offer of a range of practical solutions (herbal remedies, organic range).

Since 2009, Forté Pharma has had the status of pharmaceutical laboratory which allows to develop and market high quality supplements.

The Forté Pharma dietary supplements

Preserving health and the fundamental balances of our organism and restoring healthy food to its place is Forté Pharma's mission. Reserving and preserving the health capital thanks to quality products, compliant with the current regulations of dietary supplements and rigorous quality controls. Forté Pharma answers the different needs, compensate deficiencies and overcome imbalances.

Dietary imbalances, overweight, chronic pain, excess of stress, accelerated of ageing, allergies, nervous fatigue and degenerative disorders are tackled by Forté Pharma. Besides, the brand adapts to the different values shared by its consumers and offers products derived from herbal medicine, and even a selection of organic supplements .

With subsidiaries, distributors and commissionned agents, Forté Pharma Laboratoires are present in several markets, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, Maghreb and Africa

Forté Pharma and chronobiology

The laboratory takes into account the biological rhythms of our organism. Each organ has minimal and optimal functional phases. Chronobiology enables an optimal assimilation and make products more effective ensuring improved bioavailability .

It has a strong impact on our sleep, on our productivity at work, on the heart rate during a physical effort, but also on the cares effects in case of a disease. 

So, if the chronobiology of the organism is neglected, it can contribute to a major imbalance on health.

According to these rhythms, our body is more or less ready to receive a dose of dietary supplement.Thus the supplement is more effective and efficient . 

That's why all Forté Pharma products are accompanied by specific advice on taking dietary supplements. 

Basically, they should be taken morning and evening according to the needs.

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