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Biocyte, the anti-ageing expert

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Biocyte, the anti-ageing expert

The Biocyte brand is a specialist in nutricosmetics. It was launched on the Côte d'Azur in 2006 and its name means Cellular Biology . Natural evolution of cosmetics applied to the skin, nutricosmetics is the absorption of nutrients orally for a deep action. 


Biocyte has developed a unique range of nutritional supplements to fight against ageing. The laboratory works on natural methods that have a more global and profound action on our body.


In the products of this Riviera brand , you will find a rich and varied range of products to meet specific needs: hair loss, ageing, overweight, sun exposition, stress, oxidation, sexual troubles ... ranges that meet the needs of every an and woman in their everyday lives. Biocyte has been popular  since its creation and had two innovations awarded during the 2018 beauty awards celebration. The brand is a expertised in anti-ageing and beauty cares. Besides, it is committed in environmental issues and eco responsible, with efficient and secure products.


Biocyte, the anti-ageing expert


Stress, pollution, lack of hydration: the factors responsible for skin ageing are numerous. Finding the effective remedy for fighting time is not always easy. The philosophy of the brand is based on the fact that the secret of a beautiful and young skin is not found in the many anti-ageing creams that we buy, but in the nutricosmetics. "We are what we drink". From this postulate, Biocyte has created a full range of dietary supplements to meet the needs of mature skin. Orally consumed, Biocyte dietary supplements act on the structure of the skin in a deeper way than a traditional cream and thus allow a more comprehensive and lasting result. The skin gradually regains its radiance and youth. The main purpose of the Biocyte anti-ageing range is to restore collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, naturally present in our skin and essential for maintaining a young and healthy skin. The products provide nutrition to the most important part of the skin "the dermis" thanks to a composition rich in vitamin B, A, C, D, biotin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and pantothenic acid. In 6 weeks, mature skin achieves a lasting and natural aesthetic effect. The skin is hydrated and plumped. biotin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and pantothenic acid. In 6 weeks, mature skin achieves a lasting and natural aesthetic effect. The skin is hydrated and plumped. 
Biocyte offers anti-ageing dietary supplements in the form of sweets, chocolate bars, powders for dilution and capsules. A simple and original way to fight the signs of age.


A committed and responsible brand


Since its creation, Biocyte has pursued a policy of requirement in terms of quality, safety and efficiency of the products. Dietary supplements are basically meant to overcome nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, the choice of ingredients, dosages, manufacture and traceability of products meet strict and rigorous French and European regulations. This guarantee is provided all along the manufacturing of the products thanks to physico-chemical, microbiological and nutritional analyzes. The Biocyte dietary supplements are not been tested on animals. The brand adapts to everyone's needs by offering gluten-free products, without lactose, without sulfate, without sugar, aspartame, titanium dioxide and other sources of potential allergens. They are also adapted to vegans. Biocyte is a member of the SYNADIET National Union of Dietary Supplements. A union in line with the regulatory and health requirements of the European Union ensuring the correct application of regulations and quality requirements.


Beauty dietary supplements


Our hair is composed of 95% keratin. The keratin is essential for healthy hair and nails. Everyday, our hair and nails are attacked by water, stress, pollution, chemicals but also the changes of seasons. It is losing brilliance and vitality. To remedy this, Biocyte offers a wide range of effective keratin-based dietary supplements for people with weakened hair and nails who wish to improve their health and vitality. The results are visible from the first months. Biocyte keratin-based dietary supplements help reduce hair loss by 90% and get more shine. The brand is also very interested in skin prone to imperfections . It has developed masks or capsules, adapted cares to reduce the excess of sebum and improve the complexion. 

For optimal results, it is advisable to take Biocyte dietary supplements for 3 months with a varied and balanced diet. It is important to note that Biocyte dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and are not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer.


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