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ANACA3 is a range of products exclusively focused on slimness. It was created in 2015 by the Nutravalia laboratory, already specialised in the design and distribution of dietary supplements. The brand works to  meet all the issues related to weight loss by developing adapted formulas. From its know-how and to the feedback and requests of its customers, ANACA3 has developed a complete range. The Nutravalia laboratory offers quality products. Formulas are developed and designed through extensive research . The products specifically combine a multitude of active ingredients  composed of plants, vitamins and minerals. 


In addition, all products are designed and manufactured exclusively in French laboratories. Anaca 3 responds to different issues related to weight loss. Find a range of dietary supplements classified by colour code and adapted to your needs.  Anaca 3 dietary supplements will help you effectively in the short and long term to lose weight.


Much better about yourself with Anaca 3


First of all, Anaca 3 helps you prepare your body for dieting with the Anaca 3 drainer. This product helps your body eliminate and burn fat faster. Composed of green tea and kola nut, it helps with the oxidation of fat and therefore weight loss. It is ideal for people who go on a diet and practise a sport activity. To avoid snacking between meals, it is possible to drink Anaca fat-burning herbal tea 3 . Slimming candies will help you stop cravings for sweets. Combining pleasure and efficiency, they facilitate the thinning of your figure always in addition to a suitable diet.


Losing weight without too much effort


The Anaca 3 weight loss is the ideal supplement for people wishing to lose weight without practising sport.

 It was one of the first products launched by the brand. Fast and effective, it is an excellent slimming and fat burner thanks to its formula composed of kola nuts that promotes thinning , artichoke that controls weight , and nopal (prickly pear) that helps to burn the fats

It is advisable to take 3 to 4 capsules per day during meals with a large glass of water. For an optimal result, accompany your slimming cure of complete and balanced meals, low in calories. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Anaca 3 weight loss can be associated with all the products in the range except Anaca 3 + fat burner.


Lose weight and combat cellulite


For those who want to combat cellulite , enhance your slimming ritual by combining Anaca 3 weight loss with Anaca 3 slimming gel that will reduce cellulite and thin the silhouette . You can also add Anaca 3 Shorty flat belly  which are undergarment shorties to wear 8 hour a day for 28 days. The shorties complete the anti - cellulite , slimming and firming action of the gel.

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