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Picot is a French company  created in Calais in 1896  by  Émile Picot, a pharmacist anxious to improve the feeding of infants. 

Always attentive to the development of babies, the Picot Laboratories have grown and evolved with this same ambition: to offer  quality products  to meet the needs of toddlers,  even the most sensitive . 

The nutritional quality of products, as well as their safety, is at the heart of Picot's commitments.

Baby dietary diversification ranges from 4/6 months to 3 years. 

These first steps towards good nutrition education are essential because they will lead baby to a balanced diet and good health in adulthood.



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Picot: between transparency and security 

The Picot laboratories offer a wide choice to young parents to meet the needs of their babies. Everyone can find the formula milk adapted to the child's evolution. For these formulas, the brand ensures product quality and safety , transparency with consumers, but also responsible collection and production . Picot products go from first formula milk, baby's first cereals, to his first boudoirs or his first desserts. But you can also find dosing teats usually used to facilitate drug taking. 

Three major points are put forward by the brand. 

  • Quality and safety of products 

The brand, already subject to French and European regulations adopts strict controls . If the legislation already imposes many controls, the Picot laboratories analyze five times more than required samples to detect possible bacteria.  The sampling is done systematically then it is transmitted to either private or public laboratories. Accredited by official bodies, the results of analysis are as secure as possible . 

  • A transparent approach for parents 

For the first time in the world of formula milks, parents have an immediate access to the main quality controls made on each box of milk manufactured in Craon.

They can get an instant access to product information simply flashing the QR code on each box of Picot infant formula. 

  • Responsible collection and production

All the partner breeders are comitted to meeting the rigorous criteria  of safety, traceability and animal welfare through the quality and safety charter "Cap sur l'avenir". Certified by an independent organisation, the  partner breeders have obligation to guarantee the traceability and the follow-up of their animals, the quality of their feeding, the hygiene of the installations as well as the animal welfare.

The milk collectionis carried out at family farms located less than 50 km from the Craon plant. Picot collaborates with more than 500 farms with an average of 60 cows.

A family story

Always attentive to the development of babies, the Picot laboratories have been relying on their know-how and expertise since 1896 to offer quality products to meet the needs of toddlers even the most sensitive.  

The nutritional quality of the products as well as their safety is at the heart of Picot's commitments.

According to the WHO recommendations, the best food for baby growth between 0 to 6 months remains the milk of his mother. The Picot laboratories recognise the superiority of breastfeeding and follow the principles of the WHO code.

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