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Jowaé, which means Harmony in Korean, is the first brand of phytoactive cares resulting from the innovative French-Korean research. The skin has to combat the daily aggressions to find its natural balance again. The different Jowaé products and treatments are made of 93% natural ingredients. They are paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oil and ingredients of animal origin free. Besides, they are suitable for sensitive skins. Their packaging is recyclable.

The lumiphenols are present in all Jowaé treatments. They are associated with the power of Korean traditional plants such as sacred lotus, imperial peony, white tea, black tea, red ginseng, camellia, bamboo water,recognised for their ancestral medicinal assets.The lumiphenols are the main active ingredients of Jowaé products because they are antioxidant and detoxifying and can meet the needs of all types of skin. Jowaé really represents the French know-how associated with the Asian pharmacopoeia. You will also find within each packaging the application techniques of the products and numbers ranging from 1 to 4 to meet the layering routines so appreciated by the Korean women.


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Jowaé: Paris-Seoul city pair


Jowaé is the first phytoactive care brand resulting from the Franco-Korean research and aim at rebalancing the skin against the daily aggressions. Jowaé means "harmony" in Korean. The name was chosen by the brand to define its primary purpose: the regain of natural harmony. In this purpose, Jowaé relies on the benefits of traditional plants and the Asian beauty rituals. The epidermis can rejuvenate and become healthy and radiant again inspite of the environmental aggressions.

The brand relies on natural and dermo-efficient ethics with 93% of ingredients of natural origin and is paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicone or ingredients of animal origin free. The Jowaé brand products are tested under clinical and dermatological conditions. They are  suitable for sensitive skins. The antioxidant lumiphenols are patent filed. They are  present in all the cares of the brand and associated with the powers of medicinal and traditional Korean plants. The lumiphenols have become the basic ingredient for Jowaé. They restore the balance of the skin thanks to their high content in antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids: the epidermis is instantly protected against daily aggressions.

As a perfect combination, the French-Korean brand is based on plants with specific virtues. Imperial peony for makeup removal, sakura flower water for hydration, sacred lotus for purity, white tea for radiance and youth products, red ginseng as an anti-wrinkle, camellia oil for nutrition, bamboo water for hydration and protection, centella asiatica to repair and finally fermented black tea for radiance and youth as well.


A Jowaé routine adapted to all skin types


The medicinal and traditional Korean plants are for Jowaé the daily basis of each woman's beauty routine. This is why the brand addresses all issues. For the face, it has developed ranges with plants that meet different needs: day cares, make-up removers, cleansers, masks, serums, nourishing cares, products for the eyes and also a restorative range: all the skins can be relieved. Indeed, Jowaé's goal is to take care of dry, normal, combination, fragile, oily or even very dry skins. The same principles are found in body cares with moisturising, nourishing and restorative ranges.

An appropriate routine also ensures radiance. This is why Jowaé offers its consumers rituals adapted to their needs and desires. According to the experts, the four basic steps inspired by the Korean rituals are: cleaning to remove impurities, preparing before applying the care, activating to preserve the youth of the skin and its radiance and correcting for the rebalancing of the epidermis.

All treatments have one thing in common: they contain lumiphenol extracts. The patent filed by the brand comes from the Sempervivum Tectorum which is a medicinal plant that means "always alive". Why these extracts specifically? Actually, lumiphenols bring a positive and effective answer to the restoration of the balance of the skin. They are active on several fronts such as protection with their antioxidant shield, detoxification with the automatic activation of natural defenses, reparation with the revival of cellular metabolism and finally the luminosity that regulates the synthesis of melanin. This active ingredient used in all  the ranges is a guarantee of efficiency from the Jowaé laboratories.

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