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HERBALGEM is expertised in gemmotherapy and has been developing for more than 30 years dietary supplements for the whole family based on plant extracts and buds.

The brand offers a full range of products from gemmotherapy. Herbalgem products are organic and natural and are suitable for both adults and children. Herbalgem helps you fight the ailments of everyday life. They promote intestinal transit avoiding bloating, fight against infections, stress and anxiety but also against fatigue and sleep disorders . Thanks to 60 qualitative macerates extracted from the young shoots of trees and shrubs, Herbalgem products guarantee you an effective and fast action . 

The use of the products is simple and allows a use 10 times longer than the other dietary supplements thanks to its method of consumption.

The gemmotherapy extracts are prepared exclusively with  fresh plants  from organic farming and are not diluted.


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What is gemmotherapy?


From the Latin "gemmae" which means bud, gemmotherapy is a branch close to herbal medicine using the benefits of plant buds to treat certain infections. It is part of an overall energetic cellular herbal medicine. The use of the buds for therapeutic purposes started in the middle ages, in the form of herbal teas or syrups. In the 1960's, after many tests and clinical researches based on the benefits of the buds, Pol Henry, a Belgian homeotherapist created gemmotherapy. 

Gemmotherapy prevents and treats a large number of health problems. It can be recommended for all ages, even children. Unlike herbal medicine, gemmotherapy concentrates on embryonic tissues. Thus, all the benefits of the plant are exploited.


Unsuspected virtues of buds


The buds have been used for many years by homeotherapists and phytotherapists for therapeutic and medical purposes. Scientists are interested in buds because they contain all the vital energy needed for the development of a plant. Buds are therefore the most concentrated part of the plant. It is rich in nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and sap. The buds are harvested before blooming to maintain all the purity and strength of the plant but also because from the first age, the buds have more vitality. This process allows the buds to avoid being attacked by pollution or pesticides. The buds are usually picked in spring and are immediately macerated in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine. After having left the buds soaked for several weeks, the active ingredients are extracted and a concentrated macerate is then obtained by distillation. Thanks to this concentrated macerate, the brand offers a wide range of 4 main categories of products: Single unit bud macerates (products containing all the properties of a single bud), gemmotherapy complexes (an association of several buds responding to a specific problem), specialties made from birch sap,


How it works ?

Basically, there are 3 to 4 buds in an Herballgem product. Herbalgem products are therefore quite concentrated and can not be used anyhow. As a first step, before taking each treatment, it is important to seek medical advice from a health professional. Gemmotherapy can be useful for treating all kinds of infections. Choose the product that suits you according to your needs: circulation, articulation and muscular problem, immune defense, relaxation and sleep, fitness and energy, drainage and detox, memory and concentration, digestion and transit problem. The dosage of Herbalgem products is generally the same. For optimal effectiveness, it is advisable to do a cure of 3 weeks. For an adult, it is advisable to take 5 drops a day of the complex apart from meals, directly on the tongue or diluted in honey or water. As your treatment progresses, do not hesitate to increase the dose to 15 drops a day.
Gemmotherapy is also suitable for children from 3 years old. For the little ones, the dosage is different. It is advisable to give the child a number of drops depending on his age. For example, a child of 4 years can take 4 drops a day. 
Gemmotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women without advice of a doctor.

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