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ELGYDIUM : dental hygiene

The first Elgydium toothpaste was developed in the 1970's by the Pierre Fabre laboratory. Nowadays, Elgydium offers many treatments targeting specific problems related to dental hygiene: dental sensitivities, painful gums, teeth whitening, and cavities prevention. The brand ensures its consumers an excellent traceability with exclusively French products and in February 2016 obtained the Origine France Garantie label for some products of the Elgydium range of Mouthwashes and Toothpastes. 

Elgydium is a brand concerned with the well-being of the children and the adults and offers products suitable for all kinds of dentition.

Discover all Elgydium products for children from 0 to 12: coloured toothbrushes and toothpastes to accompany them in the development of their teeth. A fun way to encourage them to set up a rigourous daily oral hygiene routine to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


ELGYDIUM : dental hygiene

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How to brush teeth properly?


Brushing teeth is a simple gesture we all know. And yet many of us do not know how to brush them effectively . First of all, brushing teeth at least at least twice a day for three minutes after each meal to maintain excellent hygiene is quite important. In the morning, we consume hot drinks or even fruit quite acidic that weakens the enamel. To avoid erosion during brushing, wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth if you have consumed this type of drinks or have a mouthwash with water before to eliminate all acids present. Elgydium offers manual toothbrushes for all types of jaws. As for the brushing technique, place your brush at the end of your gums (top) and then move it gently up and down. Regarding the inner surface of your teeth, use the end of your brush and move it up and down. More than 50% of the bacteria living in our mouth are on the tongue. These bacteria are particularly responsible for bad breath. It is therefore important to clean your tongue to have a fresh breath and eliminate bacteria.


Which Elgydium toothbrush?


Elgydium offers a wide range of toothbrushes adapted to all ages and all needs. To combat plaque and tartar, ELGYDIUM anti-plaque toothbrush is particularly effective. Its X crossed strands are rounded tynex and can remove plaque more easily.The Elgydium anti-plaque toothbrush  guarantees 30% more efficiency than a conventional toothbrush. It is possible to bend the neck of the brush to reach areas hard to reach.


Elgydium sensitive is the toothbrush suitable for people who need a painless and effective brushing. The silky and ultra-soft tynex strands (a hygienic and durable nylon) provide effective cleaning of bare necks and respect tooth enamel. It also has a non-slip handle that makes it easier to grip during cleaning. 
And for small growing jaws, the brand offers toothbrushes depending on the age of the child. They consist of small heads and flexible strands adapted to deciduous teeth and first permanent teeth.


Which Elgydium toothpaste choose?


If you want an effective toothpaste to fight stains, we recommend  Elgydium whiteness fresh lemon. It eliminates superficial stains due to smoking or wine. It is also effective for maintaining teeth whitening or after descaling. Its micropulverized sodium bicarbonate formula helps you keep white teeth and a perfect smile.


To fight against plaque, choose a toothpaste based on chlorhexidine and calcium carbonate. Elgydium anti-plaque reduces the formation of dental plaque by 50% thanks to its cleansing and remineralising properties. 


For sensitive teeth, use Elgydium sensitive teeth. It brings a high dose of fluoride to your teeth and helps to reduce dental hypersensitivity.


If you do not have time to brush your teeth after lunch, you can chew gum to clean your teeth. Use Elgydium Dental Plaque Freshness as a brush substitute to help your teeth fight acid attacks that contribute to cavities.


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