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BUCCOTHERM : The Brand values

The ODOST laboratory is a family business founded 20 years ago. It is as a result of an association between a pharmacist and a dentist. Its goal is simple: provide many oral health cares that are effective and adapted to the needs of all.

The brand offers natural products that meet quality standards and international pharmaceutical standards. In order to guarantee the best efficiency, the ODOST laboratory uses the virtues of the thermal spring waters of Castéra-Verduzan. Known since the Gallo-Roman era for its therapeutic virtues, the thermal water of Castéra-Verduzan cures sore throats and oral infections. Rich in magnesium and calcium, it works effectively on the oral mucosa and other problems related to dental hygiene. Discover a wide range of oral care with thermal water which can satisfy the whole family with fluorine-free toothpastes for adults and children, but also mouthwashes, sprays, and chewing gums.

BUCCOTHERM : The Brand values

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The Brand values


The ODOST laboratory priority is the quality of the products it develops. That's why Buccotherm pays particular attention to the production and manufacture of its products. The laboratory applies ISO standards in order to guarantee the best quality and traceability to its customers. For 20 years, the family business has been manufacturing and developing many cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products. The laboratory masters all the steps: confection, production and formulation. It carefully selects the raw materials that are used and also the packaging. Buccotherm develops in the research of new innovative formulas while respecting the values of the mark which are efficiency, wellness and security. For maximum quality, the brand selects the softest and most natural ingredients to ensure tolerance to the greatest number. That's why Buccotherm products are developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. These products are regularly subjected to clinical tests and controls under the supervision of dentists, chemists, galenists and pharmacists.


They are all labeled by the French Union of Oral Health and recommended by dentists in France.


The commitments of the brand


The brand guarantees products made in France manufactured according to ecological and natural ethics. The ingredients that make up the products are carefully selected and contain very few preservatives for a better tolerance. The whole range is certified organic and natural by the Ecocert label and is not tested on animals. The products are paraben free, silicone, saccharine, fragrance free and cruelty free. The main ingredient that makes up all the products of the laboratory is the thermal water from Castéra-Verduzan. It is an ideal ingredient for fighting against oral bacteria. It relieves periodontal diseases and basically restores the balance of the oral flora...


The brand is committed to biodiversity. It is devoted to ecology in its daily activities. Packaging is recycled and limited. Buccotherm also makes a financial contribution to the management of household packaging waste. All the products are designed, manufactured and packaged in the Gers, near the thermal springs of Castéra-Verduzan. This location allows to directly condition the thermal water and protect it from the air and any other source of pollution.


A full range of cares


Buccotherm offers a wide range of products for adults and children. These products rich in mineral salts, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium soothe and remineralise the gums. The high oxygen content neutralises infectious germs. They regulate the acidity of the mouth and rebalance the oral ecosystem. Buccotherm products are 100% respectful of the oral flora . Discover the range for adults and its products adapted to their needs. For sensitive and irritated gums,there are certified organic toothpaste gels. They promote the reduction of occasional bleeding, relieve inflammation and irritation and reduce the sensitivity of the gums. Finish your daily ritual with a mouthwash without alcohol in case of sensitive teeth and also as an efficient and eco-friendly way to fight bad breath and plaque. For children aged 7 to 12, Buccotherm offers organic toothpastes. They have been specially designed to fight against plaque and promote the prevention of cavities on permanent teeth thanks to a large fluoride composition. They help the teeth to grow better and protect them from acid attacks thanks to a high concentration of thermal water.


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