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The Puressentiel independent and family laboratory was born in 2005 from the passion of Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients, upsetting the essential oils market and democratising aromatherapy with the first "ready-to-use" products A range of products that are safe and effective.

Surrounded by botanists, engineers, aromatherapy experts and toxicologists, doctors and pharmacists, Puressentiel formulates innovative, effective and practical products with the aim of obtaining pleasant textures and fragrances. 

Natural solutions for all the daily ills are offered: from indoor air cleaning to joint and muscle care, respiratory wellness, sleep, slimming ... 

History of the brand

By creating Puressentiel,Marco and Isabelle Pacchioni created the first aromatherapy laboratory, with total respect for both man and nature.
The Puressentiel range is essential to your health and guarantees you the effectiveness in a pure state.

Their goal is to offer products based on essential oils 100% organic, 100% pure and natural. Their safety and efficiency are constantly tested.

Puressentiel products are made for everyday, for the whole family. 
Because lifestyles have been evolving, so have the ways of care.

Nature has a power, Puressentiel has a know-how: select active substances and controlling their effects and associating them for your health and your well-being.

Drawing from nature what is best to make it accessible to all in its most pure and essential, and this in the most eco-friendly and ecosolidary way possible is the mission of the Puressentiel laboratory.

A committed brand

Since its creation, Puressentiel has been offering natural products from raw materials treated with the utmost respect for the environment and biodiversity. Based on its three core values, commitment, naturalness and performance, the brand has created The Puressentiel Foundation. The foundation has been promoting projects supporting the protection of nature, childhood and health around the world for several years. According to these principles, the foundation offers its assistance in carrying out projects which objectives are the protection of biodiversity, the environment and the promotion of eco-responsibility.

But biodiversity is not the only concern of the foundation . It also supports projects aimed at the protection of children, access to school and education in developing countries. It also contributes to projects seeking to improve access to health worldwide. At the sporting level, the brand has for many years been developing partnerships with many top athletes from a variety of backgrounds. This partnership thus forms a sports community specific to the brand called " The Pure Puressentiel team ".

The benefits of plants on our body

Aromatherapy uses the benefits of essential oils to improve the well-being of individuals and cure the ills of everyday life. Puressentiel exploits the assets of more than 48 plants from all over the world. With the help of herbalists and health professionals, the brand exploits and extracts the best of these varieties of plants to integrate them into its products. 

There are Puressentiel products based on lavender: a plant that is for example as a dietary supplement designed to improve sleep or relaxation. Cultivated in the south of France, lavender is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is also available in essential oil and can be used to treat a burn, an insect bite or a hematoma. Puressentiel air sprays, 100% vegetable, composed of essential oils of lemon, peppermint, pine and tea trees purify e habitat. This mixture is effective against allergies, bacteria and humidity. It can be used in all rooms: bedroom, living room, bathroom. Its formulation guarantees maximum tolerance as it is colorant free, without propellant and without synthetic perfume.

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