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Somatoline Cosmetic: a brand devoted to its consumers

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Somatoline Cosmetic has developed effective slimming treatments and anti-cellulite treatments. Founded in 1950 in Italy, the brand meets the specific needs of each silhouette. The Somatoline Cosmetic laboratories have created a full range of cares both for men and women. All the products are clinically tested in order to ensure the best quality and safety to the customers. Somatoline Cosmetic helps everyone to reshape his silhouette all throughout the year thanks to remodeling, draining and slimming ranges .

Somatoline Cosmetic guaranties its customers innovative cares. With slimming and anti-cellulite products both for men and women, the top of the list brand tries to understand the expectations of its customers. A team of expert researchers plus a nutritionist, a coach and a dermatologist elaborates and develops cares that respect the body and the skin of each individual and persists in meeting their needs. The key issues of the brand can be defined as such: detox, weight loss and a fit silhouette.

Somatoline Cosmetic: a brand devoted to its consumers

The Somatoline Cosmetic laboratories aim at meeting the needs of the consumers. In this purpose, innovation, efficacity and cosmetic formulation have been at the heart of the researches and scientific development. Besides, the products of the brand are clinically tested. For enhanced safety, these are performed under dermatological control in independent laboratories. In accordance with the safety rules, the tests are always in vivo and cruelty free.

Lots of people are looking for losing weight, reducing cellulite, reshaping their bodies. For more than 10 years, Somatoline Cosmetic has been working to meet the needs of both women and men as far as slimness is concerned. Since its creation in 1950 , the brand has been innovating in slimming, draining and anti-cellulite treatments. The brand focuses on three key notions: slimming formula, expertise and constant innovation. All is based on scientific research and aims at guaranteeing the results. The integrity of the brand resides in three main values: seriousness, efficiency and absolute safety . Therefore, it is based on four major principles: the knowledge of scientific aspects, scientific innovation, the desire for constant improvement and validation of effectiveness.

The brand also offers its customers the tips of professional coaches. Nutritionists, dermatologists and sports coaches accompany men and women and help them to reach their goal. Thanks to a test as a preamble, the professionals define a personalised slimming programme associated with pieces of advice and tips. The goal is to accompany each person on a daily basis in his/her approach, to support him, and also to motivate him. Loosing weight rather quickly is not enough. Choosing the right products to take care of the skin and keep it firm is essential.

Ranges that meet the daily needs

The treatments offered by Somatoline Cosmetic target the different types called "unsightly" . They contain a high concentration of active ingredients. These act on the metabolic pathways of adipose tissue and reactivate the subcutaneous microcirculation. The Somatoline Cosmetic products thus have several targeted actions. They block lipogenesis, activate lipolysis, increase fat burning or even promote energy production. The products also have cryothermic actions . They trigger the reactivity of the skin, its receptivity, but also the reactivation of  the cellular metabolism.

Somatoline Cosmetic includes a dozen specific slimming products such as slimming detox night cares, slimming oils, remodeling creams or gels, special toning or draining cares for legs. The different slimming products target the different areas and body parts and combat fat deposits. The different types of cellulite are combated and their reappearance limited. The brand proposes an oil-serum and a 15-day cure. The brand also  targets the men stomaches and abdominals with fighting localised fat deposits and adapt to their physiology.

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